Donna Greenberg - Mav’rik Crosses Boundaries by Boldly Jumping Genres!

Donna Greenberg

Toronto, Ontario.  Donna Greenberg, the Canadian singer, songwriter and lyricist is enjoying rave reviews from the UK to the USA, for Mav’rik, her second CD. Mav’rik is an eclectic mix, boasting of 12 original songs composed by the chanteuse herself. 


Mav’rik crosses boundaries by boldly jumping genres -- salsa, lullaby, Celtic folk, tango, jazz, swing and bossa nova, all in one album…and the radio industry is responding. Latin, jazz, country and gospel stations are playing her songs and singing her praises! Greenberg’s recent accolades include being named Jazz Vocalist of the Month on Bob Birch Radio in England and Montreal radio station, Planète Jazz’s Discovery of the Week. Diana Broomfield compared her to singer Julie Andrews on WDGP Radio Maryland in America. 


Mav’rik showcases Greenberg’s heartfelt, yet powerful lyrics in four languages with haunting melodies, brought to richness with consummate musicians, producer and musical director, Jordan Klapman’s arrangements and the orchestrations of Tony Quarrington. 


In the tradition of the 20th century popular songwriters, Greenberg, the songwriter brings this musical craft full-circle for the new millennium. This versatile artist disarms you with her warm, soothing voice, innate musicality and a dramatic flair that captures the soul of her lyrics. 


Greenberg was an accomplished choreographer, dancer and dance filmmaker. She is a sought after solo artist, who performs in five languages, a skillset reflected in Mav’rik


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