Kill Matilda Plays NXNE. Toronto, You’ve Been Warned.

Kill Matilda

Great news !!!. Moving to Montreal hasn’t mellowed Vancouver exports Kill Matilda any. In fact, they’ve been touring and moving across our great country of Canada for so long, it’s hard to remember a time when they weren’t on the road, aggravating the rubes from coast to coast.

Now it’s Toronto’s turn and the four-piece promise they’ll not soon forget the NXNE gig Jun. 18 at Toronto’s Hideout (484 Queen St W). Kill Matilda take their smart-assed metal-punk to the stage at 1am on Saturday and T.Dot heads who drool on Crooked Valentine and Machete will sweat on this.

Joining Kill Matilda on the bill will be: The Goodluck Assembly (9pm), Little Foot Long Foot (10pm), Jordan Cook (11pm), The North (12am) and Holy Toledo! (2am). 

In between sending up everything that gets their attention, the band swear they’re serious as a plane crash about their dynamic self-created genre of punk-rock-metal music. The four adrenaline-infused rock ninjas behind Kill Matilda pride themselves on screaming and thrashing ‘till they can scream and thrash no more. They’ve also been known to blow out the eardrums of audiences across Canada and leave speakers begging for mercy. And yet their fans keep coming back for more. Hmmm, this will remind the locals of ZooBombs.

The band’s self-titled debut EP was released in 2009 and followed by their Geisha with a Switchblade EP in August 2010. The tunes quickly won over fans and critics ... but maybe that was just their fear (of replacing Matilda) talking. Think it’s a joke? Who knows?  

Back to the music – a hellacious, reckless mix of influences and experiences, which go as far as to include classical violin and piano training, Kill Matilda offer up thrashing guitar riffs, pounding rhythms, intelligent lyrics, and snarlingly sweet vocals.

Oh yeah, shit-hot looking too. But do not get into a cab with these people going anywhere. They’re known to frequent the lowest of after-hours dives and under pressure, claim to speak no English.

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