Fine Canadian Forces


Here’s a collection that’s just a lot of loopy , goofy fun. Fine Canadian Forces is multi-instrumentalist Jordan Fine of much indie cred and a fondness for using the loop pedal in constructing his Modern Jazz, Noise Rock, Neo-Pop sound collages.

Fine sticthes together intricate sonic adventures backboned by repitition, both of the melodic and vocal nature. The lyrics tend to be looped variants on either funny or cryptic one-liners likely meant to illustrate where the piece is ‘coming’ from.

While all this may sound ultra-hipster and like, too cool, Fine is too clever for that, and manages to keep the furthest out excursions of interest to even the most casual listener. Dude really uleashes his compositional chops however, when he turns his hand to rearranging pop standards.

This type of thing usually falls prey to the desire to re-invent the wheel, ending up re-imagining the original until all traces are virtually wiped clean. Fine pulls it off via clever song choices and an approach which challenges the original while keeping a firm hold on its choicest bits.

While  Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” and The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby”.walk proudest in their new clothes, they’re stand back and take notice pieces.

Much better in its sly way is the Gospel-tinged reworking of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love’ which is simultaneously elevating and hilarious, courtesy of a stone-cold deadpan vocal.

Like it says at the top, a fine bit of summertime goofball fun. Squeamish folk please take note. While Fine’s lyrics can at times be provocative (see ‘Bigfoot’) , really it’s all in good fun and those darned Sasquath have had the run of the woods for too long anyway.

                                                                                                                                                     James Lizzard