Kit Andrew Brings The Big Time To Little Burl's Creek!

Cover July 15, 2011

By Don Graham

On the weekend of August 26 to 28, 2011, the biggest names in country music will make an appearance in the little town of Burl’s Creek (Oro Station), Ontario, just minutes from Barrie, Ontario, which of course is just up the road from Toronto, Ontario. The first annual CMT Music Festival will bring together some of the finest talent for a weekend of music, family fun and celebrations.

That is the great thing about country music and musicians. Where else would you get this many headliners sharing a bill and a stage? It really is what rock ‘n’ roll used to do. Back in the days of Woodstock, Monterey and Newport, rock bands would unite in a festival atmosphere and create a great environment for music and good times. It seems now that all the rock bands prefer the arena/ stadium route and don’t want to share the bill and revenue with other bands.   But country music still believes in bringing the music to the people and The CMT Music Festival is a perfect example of this way of thinking.  Country music is like the “cool” uncle that everybody wants to hang out with, easy to get along with and fun to be around. Rock music is more like the big brother that everyone wants to hang with because he’s cool and struts around like he’s got the world by the tail. You felt cool being around them but sometimes they just made you uncomfortable.

Country cool is what you will get on the last weekend in August in tiny Burl’s Creek (Oro Station) ,Ontario just minutes away from Barrie, Ontario, with headliners such as Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Ronnie Dunn ( sans Kix Brooks) as well as Blake Shelton, Sara Evans, Corb Lund, Tara Oram, Dean Brody, Colt Ford and more to follow. In my books, this group of artists reads more like an award show than a festival line up!

The CMT Music Festival is a great idea, but great ideas only work if someone is willing to make them work. Enter entrepreneur Kit Andrew. A veteran of the hospitality industry, Andrew had spent his time pleasing people in the industry with his innovative ideas and projects. After selling his successful software company, he had decided to take some time off to spend with his wife and children. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he was happiest when he was working and making ideas work. After seeing a Toby Keith concert in Barrie, Ontario, Kit became a country music fan and began looking at ways to put a festival together. Speaking from his home in Hockley Valley, Ontario,  Andrew explained his goal for this event.  “I didn’t want to just do a one-off country music festival, I wanted an event that would have some longevity; something that folks would look forward to attending year after year after year. I also didn’t want to make it just about the music. Being a father of young children, my wife and I find that when we attend an event either we give up something so the kids are happy or vice versa. I wanted to create an event that was pleasurable for both sides and that when all was said and done, we had a great time! AND the music was great too !” This theory came from his years in the restaurant and entertainment/ hospitality industry where the customer’s needs and expectations would paramount in any planning and decision making. “Life is about moments; moments shared and moments enjoyed and experienced and remembered. We want to make this a yearly weekend experience for all who attend.” When asked why Burl’s Creek, Andrew stated simply, “It’s the perfect venue. Great location, minutes from Barrie and within driving distance for six million people.  One of the key components to a successful festival is the venue. Without naming names, I will say I have been to festivals with great lineups but not so ideal venues. This CMT Music Festival has been three years in the planning making sure everything was how it should be.Every act that hits the boards on this August weekend will be sure to please to fans in attendance” As Andrew explains  “There is an airline whose motto is ‘WHEELS UP’ , our motto at 13Entertainment  is ON STAGE, that’s where it all happens and comes together.” By the way the company name 13Entertainment comes from Kit Andrew’s special attachment to the #13. “Having lived and worked in Europe for years, where the number 13 is considered lucky and the fact that this number has followed me around for years, I decided that it should be included in my company name.”

Like Bill Graham of Fillmore East and West fame in the 1970’s, the entertainment industry needs more men of vision like Kit Andrew, men who make their dream a reality.
So if you can’t get to Nashville this summer be sure and come to Burl’s Creek and see some of Nashville’s finest artists performing under the open Ontario skies. Speaking of Nashville, Kit’s other venture is Nashville North, a bar, dance hall and restaurant, The Tennessee Chop House, visit for more information.

In closing, be sure to attend this inaugural CMT Music Festival so twenty years from now when they’re celebrating their twentieth anniversary you can honestly say,  “I was there for the first one!”

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See y’all there!