Jamie Flegg 
- Life Science

Jaimie Flegg


Jamie Flegg is quickly building himself a niche fan base playing and performing what can only be described as acoustic-based reggae rap. His debut album “Life Science” skims the surface of a repertoire that has allowed him to pack up and leave the centre of Canada’s musical universe – Toronto – and go to what is shaping up to be Canada’s new music hotbed – Calgary (!!) – where opportunities appear to be following him constantly.

The kings of Canadian white acoustic ska, Bedouin Soundclash, recognized his talent and took him along on a tour. The lead off track on the CD, “Take You Home”, follows the Top40 groove of their “When The Night Feels My Song” but evokes more of Bobby McFarrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” lyrically and emotionally.

“Love & Stars” and “Drivin’ Down The 401” have been deceptively front-end loaded on the album to fool listeners into thinking Flegg is a new country artist (“Drivin’ Down the 401” in particular is driven by a locomotive snare shuffle), the reggae rap persona gets the full reveal starting with “Girl On My Mind”.  From this spot onward the album clearly defines Flegg’s clever hybrid of styles and his aptitude for a melody especially on “Life for A Ride” and the title track “Life Science” (which is ironically listed on the album as the BONUS track!).

A strong voice and conviction added to pop melody stops him from being a fly-by-night rap novelty act. The rapping itself isn’t a contrived interlude in a pop song composed by a committee – it IS the song itself and it’s Flegg’s song alone. For a refreshing new music spin, Flegg’s got a lot to offer on a long career ahead.


Jaimie Vernon