Alyssa Rubino Splashes onto the Scene!

Alyssa Rubino

Most teenagers are wondering what they are going to do when they grow up however Alyssa Rubino had already made up her mind at the young age of ten.  Flash forward three years later with 2 hit singles, major media coverage, and a growing fan base Alyssa Rubino is well on her way to achieve her goal of becoming a recording artist and performer.

Supporting her on the way to stardom is her Producer/Songwriter/Dad Danny Rubino who has encouraged the teen starlet to pursue her dreams.  Together with Trust Chen Pow the trio can be found writing together in the studio.  Trust Chen Pow has been a major influence on Alyssa helping her prepare for performances and developing her musical talents.  Under the name of Producers  oNe this production team has created hit singles that has taken the Billboard Dance charts by storm.  

Another strong influence on Alyssa Rubino was the late Josey Santos from G1E Productionz based out of Orlando Florida.  As an inspiration and mentor to Danny & Alyssa Rubino, Josey was always overlooking Alyssa’s developing talent and was constantly providing a helping hand to the father/daughter duo. With Josey losing his battle with cancer last year Danny & Alyssa plan to take all he’s given them and take it to the next level.  As Alyssa says, “I’ve got my guardian angel in heaven watching…”

On her upcoming album Alyssa Rubino pulled out all the stops and reached out to world class talent to help create a record she can be proud of.  That list of talent includes Eddie Galan of Mach 1 Music who is getting ready to record a second time with the 13 year old “Girl Wonder TM”, giving her hits after hits as he wants her album to be the best possible album of all time.  Atlanta’s own Jay Reid, Amir Cuyler and Dana Rivers have all contributed hit songs to her debut album.   Alyssa also collaborated with Charley Greenberg & Tek from Baby G Music.   Baby G Music also wrote and produced hit songs for Justin Bieber.   Grammy nominated Mike Rizzo & Mr.  Mig from NYC have also collaborated with the young artist and continue to be an important part of Alyssa’s production team.  That’s some impressive stuff for a 13 year old!

However the young teen is just getting started.  She’s prepping to launch a massive promo tour in the coming months.  From J-14 magazine to Twist magazine, the young glamorous teen will be gracing the covers with her infectious smile.

Next she’ll be packing her bags and heading across the ocean kicking off a cross European radio tour.  Alyssa is scheduled to make stops in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland where she’ll be making personal appearances and promoting her new single “Keep on Dancing”.

Don’t worry!  You won’t need to buy a plane ticket to see the young starlet in action.  Her new music video for “Keep on Dancing” is playing in heavy circulation on MTV, iMusic, and Vevo and is already receiving praise online.

Amazingly enough Alyssa has other ambitions other than pursuing her music career.  Using her growing popularity Alyssa hopes to spread her message of bullying awareness.  Her hard work with the “Stick & Stones” campaign has allowed her to visit schools across Toronto and talk to kids about the power of words and the adverse effects they could have.  Alyssa is also involved with Make-A-Wish foundation performing at benefits and fund-raisers for the organisation.

As if that’s not enough already her agent UTA is in the process of securing a home for her television series “Girl Wonder TM”. which will be a whole new phenomenon once again.  Armed with her positive attitude, her Producer/Songwriter Dad Danny Rubino, and her incredible singing voice there is very little standing in her way of achieving super stardom.