Marshall Dane Running Stop Signs CD Cover.jpg

This is one of those artists that you just gotta  know gets ‘it’.  The CD release, ‘Running Stop Signs’ has  all the components that make up Marshall Dane; cocky lyrics, romantic tunes, quirky and funny, while showing off a really great singer/songwriter entertainer.

‘Love and Alcohol’, the first single release that came out a short while ago, is not written by Dane ( D. Brainard/R. Rutherford) but has all the bad boy lyrics to it that so suit the singer when he pulls off that shy grin, knowing the girls are loving every minute of it.

‘Bad Choices’ is another one that is typical Dane, ‘I’m not a bad guy, I just make some bad choices’ but obviously didn't make a bad choice by recording this one. (co-written by Dane and Tim Taylor.)

The newest single release, ‘About Last Night’ is a great tune, but the video is even better; telling the story of two good friends who cross the line over to intimacy. Look for the surprise ending on YouTube.

‘Sorry ‘Bout The Mess’ (D.Brainard/D. Couch/C. Monday)  tells of a place where all of us have gone when our hearts are broken and our lives (and humble abode) fall into total disarray. Dane’s vocals make this song his own, with heartfelt vocals and strong interpretation.

‘Wasn’t It Something’ has a haunting pedal steel intro, (penned by strong co-writers Paul Brandt and Mike Bacon) the bittersweet memories of a love lost that just didn’t last, but all the questions remained.

‘Running Stop Signs’ is produced and arranged by music veteran Brian Allen (AMPLUS Productions) who was well known in the industry for his band, Toronto, which achieved 4 platinum-selling albums in the 80s. Allen also scored as co-writer of Heart’s massive hit “What About Love”. Brian Allen has been directly related to 22 gold and platinum sales awards, and if fate and the public gets it straight, Marshall Dane should be headed down that same road soon.