The Best Gifts Ever

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By Sandy Graham

As the Editor-In-Chief and COO of Cashbox Canada, it was my idea to share some personal moments with the Cashbox team and you, our readers. I asked all of our contributing journalists to share their one favourite memory of Christmas, and as we are a music magazine, to name their most favourite Christmas song. So the December 23 issue of Cashbox is all about music and memories. From our desk to yours.

It is hard for me to name my one favourite memory of Christmas, so I will share one from my childhood, and one from my life as a Mum.

I was about 8 years old, and yes I still believed in Santa Claus. (I think I still do) I woke up Christmas morning to every little girl’s dream – a doll’s house. Not just any doll’s house, but my big sister Donna’s doll’s house. Let me explain this about my family. We are a great family for heritage and keeping all of our treasures intact, passing them down from generation to generation. My sister had a doll’s house that was made my Grandfather, Pipe Major Donald Sutherland, complete with little lights and chandeliers (made of Christmas lights) and staircases made out of matchsticks, and little doors that opened and closed with pushpins for doorknobs. It was a glorious sight and all hand crafted. As there was ten years between Donna and I, she had long outgrown this doll’s house, that my big brother, Don, had run his firetrucks through, much to her dismay. My Mum and Dad must have spent hours ‘renovating’ this three storey dream house; complete with little rugs, and Christmas decorations, and the best part of all, my name emblazoned on the attic rooftop, in big white letters, proving this family treasure was finally mine.  It was the best present in the whole world, and all the love of my parents went into making it mine made it that much more of a gift of their love to me.  It was a present that money could never have purchased. Years later, my sister Donna claimed it back and renovated it one more time when she became a maker of doll houses and miniature villages. In 1981, Donna died in a tragic house fire, but one of the things that survived was that doll’s house, and it is in my possession to this day. Life has a way of showing that love survives and being the mother of two boys, I am hoping one day to have a girl for a grandchild, and I will  fix up the doll’s house one more time, and hopefully, that little girl will love it as much as I did then, all those years ago.

The other wonderful memory I have of Christmas, is when our eldest boy, Graham McLean Robertson, came into this world, on December 25, 1989, giving me the best Christmas gift ever. My Dad had passed away by then, but my husband Charles was there along with my big brother Don and my amazing Mum, Mima, who got to hold wee Graham in her arms when he was less than 5 minutes old. That was truly a Christmas miracle.

My favourite Christmas song (besides The Muppets Christmas Carol Soundtrack) is ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ and I hope all of you get home for Christmas, wherever that may be, wherever you may land, as it truly is a special time of year when miracles can happen, and love is in our hearts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Peace and love to you all,