Canadian Blast was a huge success for CIMA and the 14 Canadian acts who benefitted from the three days of Showcases in Cannes, France, all part of the legendary yearly event, MIDEM, the incredible yearly playground of worldwide music industry associated businesses, all holding court in the prestigious Palais de Congress,  the same red carpet building where the International Film Festival takes place.

The largest contingency of Canadian talent ever showcased at Canadian Blast, this year was combination of known acts and acts you are surely going to know in the very near future.  The actual ‘MIDEM’ is held during the day, with booths for every country situated on two floors of the enormous grand building. At night the tiny town of Cannes comes alive with music and parties throughout the cobblestoned streets that look so much like Old Montreal, with outdoor cafes nestled on small streets and artistes selling their wares along alleyways of ‘magasins’.

Canadian Blast ran for three days, and featured incredible talent. All Showcase acts performed  ironically in an Irish Pub called Morrison’s smack in the middle of Cannes. Cashbox would like to introduce you to the  best of the best, who won the spot to be on the famous Canadian Blast Showcase for MIDEM 2012.