Nikki Hornsby Just Wait

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Nikki Hornsby, the granddaughter of Columbia Records recording artist Dan Hornsby, whose recordings in the 1920’s and 1930’s included “Little Brown Jug”, “Oh Susannah” and other classic Americana songs, is carrying on the Hornsby tradition in fine fashion. “Just Wait”, the title track is a fine example of her song writing skills and is what she has done. Hornsby has been working at her craft for a long time having made her first recording in the 1980’s.

In the late 1980s Hornsby, who now resides in California, opened her own record label CJP-NH Records and began marketing her music and label throughout Europe and the USA.

Hornsby's songs were released for airplay on commercial radio stations in the USA, Europe, Spain and the "ACM Newsletter" as well as other print publications noted Hornsby’s song “One Way Ticket” as number one. During that same time “Hungry For Love”, Let Me Take You On A Dream” and “Hot Talkin’ Big Shot” received airplay in Northern Europe.

In 1988, following Hornsby’s releases of “One Way Ticket”, “Hungry For Love”, “Let Me Take You On A Dream”, “Hot Talkin’ Big Shot", she was named Female Singer of the Year in Scandinavia. In 1989, “Shoe String And A Prayer” charted Top 5 in the IRC (independent) country singles, as well as in the Cash Box Top 100 USA National charts.

The new CD offering, “Just Wait”, is a ten-song collection of Hornsby originals that form an interesting and colourful tapestry of modern Americana. The musicianship and production are first rate and Hornsby’s believable vocals sit comfortably in the tracks. The opening track, “Momma’s Blues”, is slick track with a great message and sincere vocal, while track 2, “Flying Over Sweet Alabama” shows Hornsby vocal range and warm vocal ability. “This is America” is a patriotic anthem that will swell the hearts of proud Americans from coast to coast. Music is “The Only Thing” pretty well sums up Hornsby’s attitude and passion for her craft.

This is definitely a CD worth having in your collection and for listening to beginning to end in your car or sitting at home on a day of reflection. And as Hornsby says on track 8 you’ll get your “Money’s Worth.”
Don Graham