Dizzy G: Wild Women



This un’s all about da blooze, playing 'em, living 'em, loving ‘em, served up with affection and humour by a seasoned road warrior.

The dude known as Dizzy G has done his time in the bar wars, regularly heading out from his Moncton base to spread the love. While the Dizzy G band is currently a quartet, Da D-Man turned to a handful of special guests to flesh out the more high-spirited of the album’s 13 tracks.

Of high spirits there is no lack, likewise with that good ol’ Canadian homeboy humour.

F’r instance there’s the title track, a shakeass blues rock boogie for all the wild women we’ve lusted after, been awed by and sometimes thrashed by. Made funnier by the 58-second follow-up, ‘The Hangover’, a snippet of the wild women’s morning after during which someone threatens to kill a dog.

Overall, this is part beer drinking party and part slow blues for the ladies. If there’s a theme here it’s observations on the bar life from a working musician’s perspective.

Makes sense then that it opens with the bar band’s workhorse, 8-bar blues. “G Spot” comes out in shufle time with sparkling guitars riding atop and a squaking harmonica keeping it rootsy.

Dizzy’s guitar skills are more advanced than the vocal chops but that’s only occasionally problematic and only delete-worthy on “Endless Life”.

Big props to the dude for introducing us to vocalist Charnelle Armstrong who gets it all perfect on “ I Can’t Remember”, working smoothly with the squalling, strident guitars.

Dizzy’s prime vocal moment comes on “ Pickles And Jam”, another hooky shuffle on which he uncorks a mouthful of gravel and gets the party started, abetted by wicked sax work from guest honker Sebastion Michaud.

Dizzy has an ear for the big picture and his choice of guest players and where they appear in a song is dead on.

It all comes together best on “Sombody Better Than You” with the band and vocals tapped right into the nuanced arrangement and laying down the best ensemble playing on the album.

So Dizzy done good with his debut. The dude has managed to raies the bar on bar room blues and make it sound like fun again.
Ideal music for getting ready to go party and for the actual partying itself.

James Lizzard