Dean Brody Loves ‘Canadian Girls’

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Dean Brody’s single ‘Canadian Girls’ is the first Canadian song to become a # 1 hit at country radio since February 2008. From his new album ‘Dirt’, with the patriotic line ‘true north and national treasure she’d give her life for the red & white’ with the description of  ‘irresistible , loveable, and  trouble". it is a great anthem for our country.

Dean Brody is focused and fearless. “Without risk there’s no reward,” says Dean Brody. “It’s important to be fearless. You need to be persistent. You can’t give up.”

Brody would know. If there’s one thing the Jaffray, BC born singer/songwriter has proven in his career, it’s that he’s not afraid to pull up stakes and risk everything to chase down his dreams.  “My life’s been kind of a trail – it hasn’t been one spot for thirty years – it’s been a bunch of different places, different memories and different friends. It’s about time passing and reminiscing,” Brody says of the album. “Songs about driving, good old times, good old days and growing up.”

A ‘one step forward, two steps back’ story of perseverance, dedication and hope that, even if it’s not the focus of his latest batch of songs, lends depth to his music and lyrics. “We’ve moved so much and done so many crazy things,” Brody says, “but each leap of faith has been about the music, and they’ve all been big ones.”

First there was the move to Tennessee in 2004 after landing a 2-year deal with a Nashville based music publisher. Brody wrote plenty, and honed his craft relentlessly, but when the contract ran out he was forced to pack up and head home to Canada; taking shifts at the same sawmill he’d first worked at in high school, looking for permanent work as a miner and preparing to pack in his dreams for good. Instead, on the strength of an eleventh hour call from Nashville based producer and good friend, Matt Rovey and an offer of a deal with Broken Bow Records, Brody turned the car around and headed back to Nashville.

Dean Brody, Photo Credit: Paul KazulakDean Brody, Photo Credit: Paul KazulakThat second attempt at a Nashville career paid off big time: His self-titled debut, and lead single, ‘Brothers’, made an impact at radio in both the US and Canada. Although a waterskiing accident on the Potomac River during his first radio tour required him to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery, Brody persevered.

“Everything was going great,” he says, but just when all the hard work seemed to be paying off a disagreement with his US label threatened his dreams again. When Brody made the tough decision to part ways with Broken Bow in September 2009, he found himself without a record deal, unable to remain in the US legally to continue his work as a songwriter.

Once again Brody, his wife Iris, and their two young children made a move, relocating to the Nova Scotia’s south shore to regroup. Far from being beaten down by the struggle, Brody moved forward with new hope and energy, finishing up his second record, and landing a deal with Open Road Recordings.

“I try and dwell on positive things when I’m writing. There’s a lot of me in these songs, but I’m also fascinated by other people’s lives and sometimes I’ll write a song and just put myself in somebody else’s shoes.”

Even when a song isn’t specifically about Brody’s own past, he has a singular talent for crafting stories so detailed you’d swear he lived every second of every line, and for telling them the way they should be told, up close and personal. And although Brody is sharing his stories with a wider audience now, that hasn’t altered his conviction that real life doesn’t play out under the lights, but in all the places we’ve come and gone from, the dreams we’ve worked so hard to realize and what we’ve learned along the way.

While that may be, it’s those details and the weight of truth they lend to Brody’s music that make his songs and performances so compelling. That and a remarkable gift for telling both his own stories and those of the characters who inhabit his songs so vividly you can practically see their faces in front of your eyes and feel the road rolling by beneath you as you listen.
If there’s one constant in Brody’s music and stories, it’s romance – not the sugary candy coated variety, the real deal – the kind of love that’s lasted a long while and lot of miles. “Iris is a big inspiration for what I do and what I write. Everything I’ve been through she’s been through too and a lot of times she’s been through it feeling a whole lot more helpless than me.”
This is an artist who knows what he wants, knows what to do to get there, and treasures the ones who got him there. He has paved his way from Nashville to back, but never turning his back on Canada. No wonder he can write such great lyrics like ‘Canadian Girls’.