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Story: Don Graham

Photo Credit:Morgan Sperry Sperry Photography

CURTIS GRAMBO is one of those country artists that is comfortable in his own skin, making choices and making music that he can sing not just from his lungs, but from his heart.

Grambo will be the first to tell you he learned to sing country music from the "Legends of County". Growing up in Crystal Springs, Saskatchewan, the Grambo home was no different than most prairie homes, in that music was a big part of their life. Curtis grew up listening to the likes of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Charlie Pride and many styles of gospel music. 

At the age of five, Curtis began signing in church, and by the age of twelve, he had developed a substantial array of vocal talents. Curtis vividly remembers August 16th, 1977 as a day that changed his life forever. He arrived home to find his mother crying and he knew something was really wrong. When he asked her the reason she was crying, she stated, "Elvis Presley died." Curtis couldn't let this go. He thought that if his mom was such a huge fan, this guy had to be something special, and was amazed at how one man's music could have such an influence on so many people. Curtis was hooked!

He spent the next five years expanding his vocal talents and learning from, what Grambo says, were the best teachers a young vocalist could have. It was straight home from school to his Silvertone guitar and Leroy Amp, copying mirroring, working on duplicating the skills of Elvis Presley, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, John Conley and many others.

No stranger to the Canadian Country Music scene, Grambo has been plying his trade since 1986 when he toured Canada as the lead singer in C.C. Ryder and began a solo career in 1989. He walked away from a record deal in Nashville when he didn’t believe in the type of music they wanted him to make. Now that is the action of a man who is firm in his ideals and what he wants to do. “ It just wasn’t the type of music that I wanted to do and although the song they wanted me to do was a big hit a couple years later, I have no regrets.”  He came back to Canada with some of his Nashville work and promptly put together his first solo album Big News Back Home in 1994 that earned a Canadian Country Music Association nomination as Male Vocalist of the year. The next decade saw Grambo criss-crossing the country playing, singing and gathering insight for his songwriting catalogue.

After all the years of touring Grambo  made a decision to get off the road, spend time with his family, work on Curtis Grambo Music and develop his own brand and interpretation of country music.

Johnny Gasparic, long time bandmate and producer was hired for this project.   “ I’ve worked with Johnny so much and trust him so  much that doing the album with him was a natural choice.”  Gasparic assembled Curtis’ dream team of players in the studio. Chad Melchert ( Gord Bamford) – drums,  Chris Byrne ( Roadhammers) – bass  Russell Broom
( Jann Arden) – guitar Jeff Bradshaw – steel, Mike Little ( George Canyon) – Hammond B-3  and Gasparic himself on guitar.

The album due for release in 2012 has already yielded the first single,  ‘Hurt All Over’, a great rocking shuffle summer tune that’s sure to gather a lot of radio airplay.

Welcome back Curtis - HURT ALL OVER will be HEARD ALL OVER!