Pear:Sweet N’ Gritty

Pear - Sweet N' Gritty.jpg

(Chronograph Records)

They’re a little bit country, a little bit city, a little bit sweet and a little bit gritty, so  ‘Sweet N’ Gritty’ is a perfect title for this new CD by PEAR, a 13 song collection produced by Denis and  Lynae Dufresne and Nashville veteran, Noah Gordon.

The husband and wife duo of  Denis and Lynae Dufresne  have put together such a fine CD from song selection to production, to performance it’s hard to believe this is their debut effort into the full length album arena.

Right from the first note this CD will grab your attention and not let go. There is an energy in track one ‘A Chance To Change The World’, the sets the tone for the entire ride. The vocal performance by Lynae is clean, crisp and soulful. A refreshing and powerful voice and a great lyric. ‘Take Me With You’ keeps the CD cooking and the excellent running order keeps the pace going with ‘Our Little Corner Of The World’ and Lonesome Road. .  ‘The Young and the Reckless’ rocks.  Nuff said! ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’ is a great production of a well crafted song that sounds like single material. ‘That’s How Much I Love You’ and ‘Simple’ show a softer side of Lynae’s voice and heart. Beautifully sung and played. ‘Sweet N’ Gritty’ a gutsy swampy tune , delivered with conviction and a little sass. Denis background vocals are bang on. These two are a pear of aces. The mandolin on ‘My Masterpiece’ show why Denis won the award last year as mandolin player of the year. ‘Back Again’ another strong song on this CD , shows the vocal blend of these two and further cements their signature sound.

‘Never Lookin’ Back’, the current single is an awesome song and a perfect choice for a lead single.  ‘Simple’ , the acoustic bonus track on this thirteen song collection is perfect ending to this CD that ends too soon.  Look out Sugarland, there are new kids in town. Hit replay, let’s hear it again.

Don Graham