Partnering with Cashbox in Canada


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Music2deal is an online music business community customized to meet the needs of established industry professionals from around the world. From licensing your masters, placing your songs, finding a drummer or booking a venue, Music2deal can connect you with a reliable talent pool of trustworthy international contacts.

Music2deal (M2D) was founded in 2002 in Hamburg, Germany with a focus on trade and export. The service now boasts 6,000 pro-active industry players from 18 countries worldwide, with media partners such as Der Musikmarkt (Germany’s oldest music business magazine).

Through the music2deal community, you connect with professionals from Austria, Brazil, France, India, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Malta, Near East, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scandinavia, South Africa, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

Music2deal is exclusively designed for the music trade. Membership continues to grow by word of mouth and at a grass-roots level. This service is unique.  Every music2deal national office has an in-market specialist overseeing the membership, and every member must be approved and meet specific standards for quality control.

“The original intention of Music2deal was to create an international digital marketplace where music professionals could conduct business deals for music from and to anywhere at any time,” explains music2deal founder, Mario Christiani.  “Right from the start, I enlisted local representatives who cared about their local markets and would carry the benefits from this international business-to-business network to their local music markets. The idea has remained constant although the services has evolved into a more sophisticated platform to enable better networking and services to support the deal-making process.”

In Canada, music2deal is represented by music industry veteran Kathy Hahn. “When I was first approached to take this on, I understood it to be a dynamic version of an international music industry directory although music2deal takes that concept to a multi-dimensional and interactive level,” says Hahn. “For anyone just signing on, your success will only be limited . The more you do with it, the greater the opportunities at hand. Music2deal brings the world to your doorstep without ever having to leave home.”

“Music2deal will partner with Cashbox Magazine for Canada,” says Hahn. “Cashbox is unique in its ongoing and unrelenting support of Canadian music at home. Music2deal provides an international window to help promote Canadian artists to the rest of the world, and bring the best of the world back to Canada.”

How can you connect with labels, managers, publishers, song pluggers, talent buyers and promoters from around the world? Join Music2deal and network with more than 6,000 pro-active industry professionals from all sectors of the worldwide music industry.

Music2deal is an international business-to-business network with members from all over the world.

Sign up for free at and see who is looking to do business with you. Upload your music tracks to the Musci2Deal online community and stream your music in a secure environment to other music professionals from other territories. Every member of Musci2Deal is approved by a local music market specialist, so you know you are doing business with credible, trustworthy contacts worldwide.

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For more information, please contact Canadian representative Kathy Hahn by email at