Now that we have your attention, did you know that server handing you a cold one makes $8.90 an hour tops? Did you know the minimum wage is $10.25?

The good news is that Toronto’s party people are rated as decent tippers. And events like NXNE bring out the best in us all. The bad news is the growing trend towards ‘Tipping Out’, where every server has to turn over every tip to an owner/management type who may or may not return a portion of the accumulated gratuities.

This is very different from the common practice of tip pooling, where the total gratuities are split between the back of house workers, the people who actually have something to do with serving you.

Incredibly, it’s all too legal under the current regulations regarding Gratuities.

Which brings us to M.P.P. Michael Prue, the Beaches MPP who’s looking to put a stop to all that with a Private Members Bill.

Since 2010, Prue has been fighting to protect the hard-earned tips from the hands of bar and restaurant bosses. “Most people don’t even know that when they leave a tip, the owners of some restaurants and bars take a cut,” Prue said.

Today he asked the Premier if he agreed that tips should go to the hard working bartenders, servers, and dishwashers across Ontario – and not to the owners and management staff. Thousands of bar and restaurant workers have been hoping for this second chance after the government let the bill die before the October election, even though it had the support of all three parties.

“Now we have an opportunity, in this minority Parliament, to see to it that restaurant and bar owners and managers be banned from taking their employees’ tip money. We have a chance to finally give these workers the protection they so deserve”, Prue says.

A Private Members Bill is a numbers game, folks. The more support Prue can show the posse at Queen’s Park, the more likely the Bill is to be passed into law. So write, phone, email, Text, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Carrier Pigeon, whatever your preferred method of communication, let your voice be heard on this issue. You can make change, which you can then leave for your server. So when you’re out this weekend doing NXNE, remember to tip well and support Server’s Rights.

Lenny Stoute