Cashbox Canada and the Team That Makes It Happen

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As COO and Editor in Chief of Cashbox Canada, I want to say how grateful we are for the support that has been shown to us for these last few years.

As Canadian as it is, Cashbox Canada was formed in June while shopping at Canadian Tire. Bill Delingat and I bumped into each other, and spoke with Bruce Elrod on a cell phone, who made us an offer to become shareholders in the U.S. company of Cashbox Magazine, and own the Canadian version outright – Cashbox Canada. The deal was done right there in the patio section of Canadian Tire – you can’t get anymore Canadian than that can you?

It has not been an easy task to survive in this notoriously difficult music business. We have had some writers come and go, watched many great artists pass away, tried to stay out of the political arenas and did our best to attend all invitations to see live music across this incredibly talented country.

We have participated in Canadian Music Week, been to MIDEM in France, promoted ourselves in Nashville, and supported the CMAO, CCMA’s, CIRPA, FACTOR, and many other industry channels that make our Canadian music world work. In the last few years we renewed old friendships in the industry, and developed new ones that are appreciated and cherished along with the old school contacts we found again.

At a time when social media rules, and free promotion and advertising is available, we want to thank the ones who advertised with us, and the artists who readily promoted us through their own Facebooks, Twitters and websites. We also thank the ones smart enough to value our inexpensive advertising campaigns by buying ads with us.

The Cashbox Canada Team Going on Holiday for a Week!The Cashbox Canada Team Going on Holiday for a Week!Our mandate for Cashbox Canada has been to honour the legacy artists and industry folks who for the last four decades created the music business here. The other mandate was to give unknown artists a chance to promote themselves here, when perhaps other trades would not notice their incredible talent.

Cashbox Canada chose unusual artists and topics for our covers, and thanks to the brilliant and talented Registered Graphic Designer Gillian FitzGibbon, they are a work of art on their own. The indefatiguable Editor Lenny Stoute finds indie bands and  leads, covers them in a way like no other, and anyone that reads his stories knows it is a Stoute story just by the style. The addition of Michael E. Williams (of MuchMusic fame) has given us an edge on industry stories along with the occasional U.S. coverage. His current work in clubs and deejaying keep us in the live loop often missed when the work we do is so insular. Singer/Songwriter Don Graham writes about our country and legacy artists, with a flair for getting the best out of his one and one interviews. (he has a flair for finding unknown facts and always researching beyond his call of duty.) Thank you to our newest recruit, Ian Robertson, who takes on the task weekly of finding Facebooks and Twitter account for the subjects and people in our stories, and posts diligently about our Cashbox items. The one who ties it all together every week is industry icon Chris Wardman, who diligently gets my submissions and makes them shine on the website of Cashbox Canada. I personally could never do my part without the amazing mosaic of talent that keeps Cashbox Canada in existence. For those of you who have supported us these last few years (you know who you are!) we thank you for knowing what we are trying to do for the artists and industry.

A weekly publication is not an easy task; there are story choices, cover decisions and then, of course, the constant need to pay our great staff. Every week it starts all over again.  I encourage you to help us keep going with this wonderful adventure and contact me for the best advertising and editorial support you will find in the Canadian music industry.

So this week, Cashbox Canada is taking the week off to enjoy the summer and listen to great summer tunes on our virtual jukebox, courtesy of Lee and Karen Vyborny of Playa Cofi. Tune in to

Happy summer to you all!
Sandy Graham