Ron Nigrini Returns to Hugh's Room

Ron Nigrini.jpg

It is one of the rites of passage – each year, as a new school year begins Hugh’s Room welcomes back Ron Nigrini, and each year he delights an audience of old and new friends.

Born in 1948, Ron Nigrini started playing as a teenager in 1965 with a duo called The Coachmen from Toronto. Two years later, he was a member of Dan's Heard. In 1970, Nigrini went solo, touring the coffeehouse circuit through the American Midwest, Texas, New Mexico, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Back in Canada in 1972 he wrote commercials for TV and radio with Michael Hasek, a singer on A&M Records. In July 1974 Nigrini signed a contract with Attic Records and recorded his first single, "Letters" and a self-titled debut album. Two years later, he recorded his own version of the Oscar-winning song "I'm Easy" from the movie Nashville. After a long absence he returned to the recording studio in 1983 and formed his own label, Oasis Records. His first single, "Baby I'm A Lot Like You", was a national hit in Canada and the most played Canadian single of 1984-85. Ron Nigrini is still performing in the Toronto area, with an occasional trip to France.

Ron Nigrini was THERE – a musician in the halcyon hippy days of the ‘60s and, what’s more, he remembers!  In fact one of his favourite memories is opening for the Mamas and Papas at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1967 and then receiving a great reaction from Mama Cass Elliot after the set.

Forty-five years on Ron Nigrini continues to write and perform his beautiful songs and record the occasional album. Four years ago, Ron released Undisguised Hearts at the acoustic musician’s dream venue, Hugh’s Room.

Ron is much admired by his peers and there will undoubtedly be many of them in the audience since he so rarely plays in Toronto these days.

Ron Nigrini performs September 9 at Hugh’s Room – Reservations Suggested.