Diamonds in the Rough with Angie Morris at the CCMAS

Cover Aug 24, 2012

Submitted by Don Graham

The Canadian Country Music Association’s annual awards extravaganza is here again, this year in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. From September 6th through the 9th, 2012 the cream of the crop in Canadian country music will gather for four days of networking, catching up and seeing some of the finest talent in this country in one place. One of the highlights is the CCMA talent showcase, available to the undiscovered talent, giving them a chance to strut their stuff in front of an audience comprised of industry professionals who can help them reach their goals.

But there are only so many spots available and a lot of very talented people would, ordinarily, have sit on the sidelines, in a room full in influential career making folks.

This dilemma didn’t go unnoticed by one Angie Morris of Sirroma. A company she owns and operates. Morris decided to take matters into her  own capable hands, and went about creating an avenue to solve this problem. Morris described her venture to Cashbox, “ We were looking for a way to help emerging artists make the most of the gathering of industry folks at the CCMA’s. Together, with Sherman by Designs (Tracy Lee Sherman), who will be displaying various paintings of Canadian artists in the lobby. We created a much needed opportunity for these artists. This is not a sanctioned event, however we have the blessing to host this event during this week.We hope everyone will take some time out of this hectic week and stop by to support our Canadian artists.”

The lineup at the time of writing includes:
Wednesday Sept. 5 Sponsored by Canadian Country Spotlight 8:30 pm start
Steele, Shannon Smith, Stephen MacGuire, Quentin Reddy, Kirby Criddle, JJ Voss, Scott Skirving, Will Ardell and John Gant
Thursday Sept 6 Sponsored by RDR Music Group and Lauren Tutty Promotions
9:30 pm start
Rachel Pavlakovic, Linda Thurston, The Orchard, Tanya Ryan, Cynthia Leigh Ann, Domino
Friday  Sept 7 Afternoon Show Sponsored by Ranchmans 3:00 pm start
Samari Yung, Carli and Julie Kennedy, Billy J White, Erin Haley, Nicole Rayy and Tommy John Ehman
Friday Sept 7 Sponsored by CJVR FM  6:30  pm start
Steve Rivers, Tyler Gilbert, Olivia Wik, Barbara Doran, Jackie Guy, Pear, Amy Nelson, Robyn and Ryleigh, Drew Gregory, Danielle Lowe, Steve Gibson and AJ Pallas
Saturday Sept 8 Sponsored by Sherman by Design 9:30 pm start
Evening Wrap Up Party
Michaella Clark, Netty Mac and Lori Kole

Acoustic performances will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Saskatoon, beginning Wed evening Sept 5 with a windup evening on Sat, Sept 8, 2012.

Angie Morris is filling a much needed niche and opportunity to the emerging artist at this year’s festivities so if you’re in vicinity of Saskatoon during CCMA week, be sure to drop in and show your support. You never know. You might be witness to the next big thing.