Mod Revival Sweeps Toronto – Modraphelia and The Passion For Fashion

Cover Sept 7, 2012

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Modraphelia, Toronto’s official Mod shop in the heart of downtown, is holding a charity fashion show and music event on Sept.19, 2012, to introduce their new women’s line of clothing. Store owner, Sati Banger, has been supplying Torontonians with 60’s-era clothing and accessories since 2005, when the doors opened to her Queen West store. Celebrities, musicians and industry insiders have turned to Modraphelia time and again for the best of Mod attire. The exciting new line is inspired by the exotic era of Rajput India fused with 60’s style and silhouettes. This collection pays homage to the rich colours and embellishment, while maintaining the youthfulness of the 60’s.

Later this year, Banger will shut the doors at her Queen West store, and take Modraphelia online-only, to better accommodate her global clientele. "I’m really excited about this fashion show as we’re taking Modraphelia to a new dimension with the new fall line by Sarah Fayaz. We have predominantly supplied menswear in the past and we felt it was time for us to expand our womens-wear line. Our event will provide a sneak peak of Sarah’s designs before they hit our online store and all the proceeds will go to Because I Am a Girl Canada (BIAG), which supports the fundamental rights of women and girls around the world." Modraphelia opened its doors in 2005 and is currently the only Mod shop in Toronto which captures the sharp, custom, personalized style of Mod fashion with a number of British brands as well as Modraphelia's very own label.

Sati Banger was born in London, England and grew up around the Mod revival of the 80’s. At an early age, Sati had a passion for clothing and music and thus began creating her own style by giving it her own touch. Talking to this enthusiastic entrepreneur you can feel her passion for fashion. “Growing up in England but having parents that wanted me to maintain my Indian culture was certainly a challenge. I love my family, and they wanted me to dress in traditional Indian fashion. I spent my time cutting up my jeans and sewing on patches. When my friends and family came to visit in Canada, and saw what we are doing on Queen Street West, a lightbulb went off. They finally ‘got it’.

During one of her business trips to England, Sati met Sarah Fayaz who was to eventually design for Modraphelia. Fayaz gained her education in fashion and design at the University of Huddersfield, England. She began working with local artists and store owners. Now, she proudly creates new and cutting edge designs in the spirit of the Mod era. Fayaz’s new line takes inspiration from the Rajput era in India, which is a unique expression of the Mod aesthetic and plays on the relationship between Britain and India in the post colonial era.

Modraphelia ensures that followers of the Mod subculture are dressed authentically – and precisely – in classic Mod style. An on-site tailor custom fits designs specifically for the customer. Modraphelia’s tailor also provides customers with the opportunity to express individual style by putting their personal signature on Modraphelia’s own designs, or any of our imported designs
The music world already knows Modraphelia. Understanding the mix of fashion and music in the Mod era, Modraphelia has been able to supply clothing to many local musicians and celebrities in the music industry.
Modraphelia is the place for confident people looking for unique clothing. Most fashion stores will follow the trends, ever-changing styles, and mass consumer demand. Modraphelia, offers customers an opportunity to step apart from the masses and express themselves individually with authentic, quality Mod clothing – from an era that gave life to the idea of personal branding of fashion.