Connie Saulnier Impressions


Submitted by Cashbox Canada

As a singer-songwriter, Connie has thrilled audiences in Canada nationwide, carving “her place” into each province’s music scene. Performances and interviews on local TV, numerous nightspots including Vancouver’s musical launch pad ‘the Railway Club’ as well as being a staple in many hotspots, festivals, & community events. She has had the opportunity to partner on stage with many artists in singer-songwriter circles including Ryan Cook for Minor Music 2009 and performed during the 2009 NS Music Week in Yarmouth. Most recently, she performed at the 2010 Harmony Bazaar Festival of Women & Song in Lockeport where she participated in the Home Grown Stage & jammed in “Irish’s Invitational” with the likes of Irish Mythen & Coco Love Alcorn.

Born & raised in a small fishing community near Yarmouth NS, Connie has filled her life with a love for music. The sounds of an Acadian heritage; choirs, musical gatherings, celebrations & the ‘rock & roll’ sounds of the surf have fueled & fed her. From her first guitar (purchased with money raised from rolling coin for her school cafeteria; still used to write most her music on), to picking up unique instruments & musical teachings from travels around the globe you will hear in her music an explosion of passion, heart, soul & honesty. An Acadian soul, a worldly spirit.

Connie SaulnierConnie SaulnierIn 2011 she was invited to showcase at the ECMA’s in Charlottetown, PEI. Here she was introduced to producer Paul Milner and began work on her new album, “Impressions.” “Now That You’re Here” has all optimism of  new found love, “Solid Ground” has great delivery and amazing guitar solos, while "Tired Fears (aka # 13)" is a poignant hearfelt tune that can relate to anyone.  A track not on the CD but is on Saulnier's Reverbnation is “I Will Be Denied”, dark and direct, stating the obvious  ‘is it me – is it you?’ and a place where we all have been ‘as I sit here all alone staring blankly at the silent phone’. These are the the type of lyrics that put her one step up from just being a singer, and makes her a prolific songwriter.

The production of 'Impressions' combines her charming East Coast accent, the Joan Baez treble in her voice with almost an Eagles/Jackson Browne feel. he strength of her voice and amazing vocals are infectious. You can’t get much better than that. Paul Milner produced and engineered, and excelled at the delivery of this CD.

A truly genuine performer, always “one” with her music; compelling the listener to engage with her, be pulled into the moment & feeling the spirit & soul of her lyrics, Connie Saulnier’s songs speak from somewhere deep within, blending diverse musical influences of rock, folk, R&B, classical & jazz. As an Indie musician, she is unafraid of following her music, taking her audience and herself on an incredible journey.

Connie Saulnier is reminiscent of the great singer/songwriters who have paved the way before her; with hints of Joan Armatrading, Joan Baez and Bonnie Raitt, if those singers appeal to you, then ‘Impressions’ is a CD meant for your collection.