BULLYING: Scars That You Can’t See

CoverOct 26, 2012

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

This week’s issue will not draw attention to the usual musical references of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Bobby (Boris) Pickett’s classic “Monster Mash”. With all the recent attention on the horrible effects of bullying, we want to say  “no trick – no treat –  bullying is scarier than Hallowe’en."

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in the last decade and this year or so it has escalated even more, and sadly, escalates every minute that goes by.  Bullying used to be thought of as a schoolyard phenomenon but has morphed into something a lot bigger and a whole lot uglier. There is still school yard bullying but now there’s cyber bullying, work place bullying, spousal bullying, all types of bullying.

Canadian singer/songwriter Don Graham became acutely aware of this epidemic in the spring of this year and was moved to write a song about it and create awareness any way he could. “ A friend sent me a video of a young girl being dragged across the schoolyard by her hair and kicked and punched.  I was sure it was from Toronto or Chicago, some big city. I was told it was from a tiny island in the Azores, Portugal. It was then I thought, my God this is everywhere, not just the big cities. Growing up we all learned the adage sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. While thinking about writing a song about bullying I thought how wrong that was. Broken bones heal !!! It’s the names that leave the scars, scars that you can’t see.” A meeting with Canadian country artist Drake Jensen to discuss material fast tracked the anti bullying song. “ I met with Drake at a downtown hotel with his manager Sean Morin  and his musical director Jonathon Edwards to play them some songs to record. Drake is a fine country singer who also happens to be gay. We got to talking about how he was bullied and the next day my writing partner Zita DaSilva and I wrote Scars. We sent it to Drake and he recorded it for his cause as well.”

Songwriters Zita DaSilva and Don GrahamSongwriters Zita DaSilva and Don Graham“Everywhere we played the song live, we got great reaction to it, which led to us wanting to record our version of it. In no time a “Scars Team” was formed. We didn’t have funds to record the song or design or a logo etc so I was moved by the generosity of the team around us. They all gave freely of both their time and dollars. Bill Hill and Andrew Hill of Chestnut Tree Productions, who produce my music, assembled the musicians and booked the studio to record the track. All donated for the cause. Gillian FitzGibbon RGD put together a super powerful logo and poster and Sandy Graham at Entertainment Music Group and Cashbox Canada has headed up the promotion and press and publicity for the cause.”

Scars That You Can't SeeScars That You Can't SeeThe song is now finished and ready to go. A kick-off for the Anti Bullying awareness campaign is scheduled for Thursday November 15th at the Balmy Beach Club in Toronto. The event will benefit Toronto-based Covenant House, the country’s largest shelter for homeless youth. Covenant House works to combat bullying through its presentations to students about issues that can lead to homelessness and provides resources where they can get help.

November is anti bullying month around the world and every little bit we do to help bring hope and help to those victimized by this abuse is a step in the right direction.

Remember “The words we use when we abuse, leave scars that you can’t see!”  Stop the Bullying.

Editor’s Note: Please support the release of the single by donating to either www.indiegogo.com/bullyingscarsthatyoucantsee