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Submitted by Sandy Graham and the Cashbox Team

Some of you might think it is not appropriate to devote this week entirely to Remembrance Day, but as the Editor in Chief it is a choice I made, with the Cashbox team in agreement, we decided we could give one week of our online magazine to show our gratitude for the freedom we enjoy today.  On a personal note, if my own father, Donald Graham, had not returned from WW11, my brother Don and myself would never have been born. These are not facts from centuries ago, but glaring realities of what the generation just before ours went through for the price of freedom.

I grew up a hippie, wanting peace, a 'weekend' lovechild, and was blessed to have parents who had the patience to let me 'do my thing'. Music played a major role in my life, and the '60's left an indelible mark, with songs that were anti war and folksingers and rebels releasing albums to continue our fight for peace. What an amazing era to have experienced; John Lennon leading us in the chant of 'All we are saying is give peace a chance.' As the years have flown by us, the hippies grew up, the boys cut their hair, and got jobs 'working for the man' or started their own corporations. The girls grew up struggling with the stay at home image of their mothers while trying to have careers and juggle both work and families. The fact is we all had that choice because we have the freedom to do so.

Now I enjoy the freedom to present a music publication every week. About legacy artists, about new artists, about industry news, the decisions are made with the freedom to do so.  We have a team of writers who have the freedom to present stories they feel should be available to the public. No censorship, no government saying we can't talk about the music. So for this one day of the year, Cashbox Canada wants to thank the men and women who bravely have fought in all the wars and gave us our freedom of speech and hence freedom of the press.

A few of our Cashbox Team wanted to express their thoughts on freedom:

Ian Robertson CB Journalist and leader of the band Ruthless Ones:
"Freedom of speech. Some times we can feel restricted in things we can do or things we can say, because A) we do not want to offend some one blindly and B) people are constantly judging. A saviour for the idea of freedom that gives a sense of liberty in speech is music. Whether it be crying out plea for humanity with bands like The Clash or the shock reaction of the (some what offensive) hyphen hip hop collective Odd Future. Music has given people a chance to say what they want with an art form. Art forms are judged and always will be but it is up to the artist to say or do what they want (unless a label owns them of course) and people may not like them for it, but they have the freedom to. A bonus is they are having fun all the while."
 "Complete control, now thats a laugh" - Joe Strummer
"I ain't never gonna bow down to your expectations" - Tyler The Creator

Bill Delingat CEO CB

When I think of freedom like most, the thoughts of Free Will, Free Rights, Free Liberty and Freedom of Speech all come to mind. For my parents both of European descent freedom was a place they dreamt of and found in fleeing wartorn Europe. Families had been divided by walls and political ideals and yet together they found each other in a land they didn’t know and a language they couldn’t speak. A place where they met and raised their family - Canada. It was because of this great hardship,and their dream becoming a reality, they had the understanding when I decided to take the path down the intangible highway of music. They still may not have understood what we were trying to say but they supported my dream and today I hope that through the new internet highway, I, along with Cashbox, can make some of those dreams for the others come true and for those who went before us, help them remember that those dreams they made true through their music has not been forgotten. Rock On.

Don Graham, CB Journalist and Singer/Songwriter
Freedom isn’t free, it comes with a huge price, a price paid by all the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect an unseen entity; freedom. Our way or life is largely shaped by those freedoms. Freedom of expression, freedom of choice and freedom to pursue our dreams are all part of the deal. If not for that freedom, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, would have been jailed for her anti government comments. Lead singer Maines said in a concert in London in 2003 that she was "ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas." She received a dressing down and a loss in sales and airplay but nothing legal. Meanwhile in Russia, two female members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot were convicted of protesting against President Vladimir Putin in a cathedral and have been sent to prisons far from Moscow for two years. Their request to serve out their terms in the capital was denied.  And there is the difference. On this Remembrance Day let’s all remember those who fought and died for our rights and continue to put themselves in harm's way to ensure we continue to live and breath the fresh air of freedom. Noublie jamais.

Gillian FitzGibbon, Cashbox Canada & Registered Graphic Designer
As a Registered Graphic Designer my weekly assignment is to take a blank page, and then go to task to design a visual message to encapsulate the story. I have the freedom to do that. I thank all the ones who served and continue to serve for all they do to protect our freedom. On November 11 please stop for the one minute of silence and remember them and the price they paid for the freedom we take for granted each and every day of our lives. Lest We Forget.'

Lenny Stoute CB Editor and Journalist
When Janis Joplin sang,” freedom’s just another word/for nothing left to lose.” Was she ever out of touch. That’s retroactively cool because one of the things Rememberance Day is for is to remind us that ‘freedom’ represents everything to lose. Which is what those brave men and women who went to battlefields were fighting for, yes?

So it’s more than a little scary that the current Canadian concept of ‘freedom’ allows for politicians, when backed into a corner, to orders perogies and beer, suspend government and walk away from self-inflicted messes. Without consulting the electorate, of course. As a journalist, it’s doubly scary that in freedom loving Canada we have a Leader who tells the media which questions he will answer and which he won’t and who only responds to questions from approved media outlets. We have learned to live with a non-free press. What else will we learn to live with?

Now join hands with me sisters and brothers as we sing the Canadian Freedom Anthem “Hey, It could be worse eh.”

Michael E. Williams CB Journalist and TV/Radio Personality
Freedom is an inhalable right we are born with and doesn't have to be earned, negotiated. God given everybody has it!
In Canada, we basically believe that Freedom is a recipe served best when shared and everybody and anybody, can make it happen. Cherish it dearly.

Lee  Vyborny, The Jukebox Producer at and Navy Veteran
As a Cold War submariner, freedom is more than a concept to me.  The word evokes the memory of many men working quietly but intently under extreme conditions to counter the efforts of those who would threaten our way of life.  Back then, our people were free to work, live, and travel without fear of their neighbors and fellow travelers, or of government interference in doing so.  The threat of our time was Nuclear Armageddon. Young men took up arms to meet the enemy and prevent an attack from reaching our shores.  Unfortunately, times have changed, and so has the threat, but our young warriors still go in harm’s way to keep us safe with most of the freedom we once enjoyed.

My Story -

Thank you for our freedom.