The 8th Annual Andy Kim Christmas Show in Support of Friends of Jeff Healey Park


Submitted by Sandy Graham

The Christmas Season is upon us and along with that comes traditions of Toronto, and one event that has become a ‘must go to’ is The Andy Kim Christmas Show.

This year is the 8th Annual and Andy Kim has announced his wonderful talent list of dedicated talent, all out to set the goal of raising funds for a good cause. Andy Kim says “I am humbled that Canadian artists every year have come together to donate their time and talent to make sure that we continue this tradition of making someone else’s Christmas just a little bit better. ALL the proceeds from this event are donated directly to an organization and every year we pick one that involves children and family. This year we have chosen the Friends of Jeff Healey Park. Jeff was taken from us, his musical community, his fans and his family far too soon. This will be a way to have him live on forever.”

The confirmed performance list to date is Ron Sexsmith, Kevin Drew (BSS) Brendan Canning (BSS) Colin James, Everlasting White Lights, Sloan ,Dan Mangan, Snowblink, Mark Holmes (Platinum Blonde)Kevin Hearn,
Melissa Bel, Beverley Mahood. The list of celebs that also show up to support Andy and his endeavours is also star-studded and glittering, and you never know who else will show up.

Jeff HealeyJeff HealeyThis is the first year the event has donated to a music person, and it is quite near and dear to Kim’s heart as a singer/songwriter himself. Over his epic career, Andy has sold over 30 million records, with songs covered by music history's greats, including Wilson Pickett, Tom Jones, Michelle Wright, Ike & Tina Turner, and Bob Marley and has even been said to influence 80’s metal band Def Leppard. “ I realize I have been given many successes  and a satisfying life, but there is still a need in me to continue writing and performing. It is as much a part of me as living and breathing. Being able to pay honour to Jeff Healey is something I can say the whole list of talent is thrilled to do.”

Andy Kim & FriendsAndy Kim & FriendsThe Andy Kim Christmas Show
Thursday December 13
The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto
Doors 7 p.m. (19+)
Tickets Available at or at Rotate This, Soundscapes, or Text Tickets to 4849