Jon Patterson Pays It Forward


Submitted by Don Graham

Ontario singer/songwriter Jon Patterson is carving out a  niche for himself by attaching his talent to another great cause. Perhaps best known for his moving tribute to the armed forces with the song “Hero”, Patterson is reaching out to help troubled kids with his latest offering, “Hear the Children Cry.”

Jon explains his latest project with great enthusiasm and a sense of purpose.“It’s always great when a song can bring attention to a subject or a cause and bring about a positive change in someone’s life. The reaction I get from the people in the forces, wives, mothers, brothers, daughters and such is so inspiring to me. When you hear someone say your song touched them deeply, it’s an amazing feeling.  It’s why we as writers do what we do!”

Having taken that route and seen the impact it had, Patterson took his song “Hear the Children Cry” to Rainbow Canada, an organization equipped to help children in need of assistance. To quote Rainbow Canada “Jon Patterson contacted Rainbows For All Children Canada Inc. to share his story and learn more about our mission to help grieving children.”  Patterson feels very strongly about giving these kids an outlet and a resource to get help and is donating the funds from the sale of the single Hear the Children Cry back to Rainbow Canada. As Jon says  “ The song is an inspirational song to remind parents that children can be impacted by their actions and I thank you in advance for your donation.”  Jon PattersonThe song is also available on Jon’s critically acclaimed CD, New Beginnings.


A little bit about Rainbows will make you realize how important this organization can be and why Jon Patterson chose them as his charity of choice. Over 100,000 Canadian children are affected each year by divorce, separation or death in their families. Often confused and angry, these young people reveal their pain by acting out in inappropriate behaviour or withdrawing in unhealthy ways. Rainbows offers a pro-active solution to this dilemma!
- More than 3,268 Rainbows sites have been designated in at least 509 Canadian communities;
- Since 1995, more than 125,684 Rainbows journals have been distributed for children and adolescent participants at these sites. 
- This reflects the commitment and dedication of more than 20,235 volunteer Registered Directors, coordinators and facilitators who help ‘restore hope to grieving youth’ and families in Canada; 
- In July, 2012, Rainbows Canada celebrates 25 years of programming in Canada.  The Canadian National office continues to subsidize every site through fundraising efforts.

So help Jon Patterson help the children by purchasing “Hear the Children Cry” and pay it forward. Log on to and join Jon on

Remember the children are our future !