Mindy McCready Goes Home To Her Ten Thousand Angels


Submitted by Don Graham

Troubled country singer Mindy McCready has died of an apparent suicide at her home in Heber Falls, Arkansas at the age of 37.  McCready hit the top of the charts in 1996 with her sassy anti chauvinist song ‘Guys Do It All The Time’. She also had a hit with ‘Ten Thousand Angels’ that same year and the album of the same name sold a whopping 2 million copies. In 2004 she was charged with obtaining the pain Oxycontin fraudulently, a charge which she pled guilty to and received three years probation.  In May 2005 she violated that probation when she was arrested for drunken driving. Then came an attempted suicide in July, 2005, overdosed in September of that year and slit her wrists in December 2008.That was also the year she was charged in Arizona with hindering prosecution and unlawful use of transportation. Those charges stemmed from an alleged attempt in June 2005 to purchase two
high performance boats, but she claimed she was trying to stop a con man. She also made several trips to rehab and appeared on the VH1 reality show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" in 2010. As a side note she is the fifth celeb to die after appearing on that show. There was Joey Kovar who died of an overdose in 2012, as did former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr in 2011. Also Taxi’s Jeff Conaway and Rodney King.

The troubled star had been struggling following the sudden death of her boyfriend, 34-year-old David Wilson, on Jan. 13, 2013. Although she claimed she had nothing to do with Wilson's passing, McCready's two children Zander, 6, and her son with Wilson, Zayne, 9 months, were taken by authorities on Feb. 6 after family members claimed she was unfit to care for them. It was then McCready decided to enter an in-patient facility for treatment. Her father was quoted as saying, "Since her boyfriend (David Wilson) shot himself she has been in bed for 3 weeks. She sleeps all day. Drinks all night and is taking prescription drugs, not bathing or even helping take care of her 2 children." But just a day after being ordered by a judge to enter a facility for a mental-health and alcohol-abuse evaluation, McCready was released to undergo outpatient treatment instead.

In her final interview before her death, McCready talked about Wilson. "I have never gone through anything this painful. He didn't just touch my heart, he touched my soul. He was my soul mate.”

Mindy McCready is just the latest of the famous to take this path. As Joan Rivers said when her husband committed suicide “It’s a permanent answer to a temporary problem”.

The music world unfortunately has borne more than it’s share of suicides. Kurt Cobain shot himself, Richard Manuel of the Band hung himself, Wendy O Williams of The Plasmatics Bobby Bloom, Roy Buchanan, Tom Evans and Pete Ham both from Badfinger took their own lives.  There was also Michael Hutchence from INXS, Del Shannon, Rory Storm, Al Wilson from Canned Heat and Cliff Burton from Metallica, all deciding their own fate.

This doesn’t take into account the preventable deaths that although not technically suicides, they were self inflicted from drug overdoses. Mike Bloomfield, Cass Eliott, Brian Jones, Tim Buckley,Tim Hardin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon, Harry Nillson, Sid Vicious and David Ruffin.  All gone to soon.

Facts and Statistics: Just how preventable is suicide? Suicide is a potentially preventable public health problem. In 2009, the last year for which statistics are available, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. That year, there were nearly 37,000 suicides, and 1 million people attempted suicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Men take their lives nearly four times the rate of women, accounting for 79% of suicides in the U.S.

On average, about 3,900 Canadians take their own lives every year - this often exceeds the number of deaths caused by road accidents. Although more women attempt suicide, about four times as many men as women die from their suicide attempt. The reason for this is that men generally use more lethal means such as firearms, hanging, or asphyxiation (suffocation). Women often use drug overdoses or asphyxiation, or they cut themselves. Firearms are used in need.about 30% of all suicides. Of all deaths that involve firearms, about 80% are estimated to be suicides.

So as sad as it is when read about the famous taking their own lives I think it’s time we pay closer attention to all those around us and look for signs of trouble and try to be a beacon of  light that some folks need. And if you’re reading this and feel depressed or suicidal PLEASE , reach out to friend, family or loved one. There is ALWAYS hope!