CMW 2013 The Joint Was Jumpin’!


Submitted by Don Graham

Canadian Music Week aka Canadian Music Old Home Week is over and done with for another year. This year was special. A new venue added some spice to the event and I think made it even more exciting and interesting than the Royal York years. The choice of The Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel was great. Don’t get me wrong The Royal York is a beautiful hotel but the Marriott because of it’s layout made it more interesting. At the Royal York you can stand on the mezzanine and look down over the entire lobby, pretty much seeing everyone that is there. The way the Marriott was set up was that the  events were taking place in different corners of different levels of the Hotel. Every time you went into a different room you saw different people for the first time. The International Market Place, masterfully managed by workhorse and International music tradeshow guru Kathy Hahn and maintained perfectly  by music industry veteran, Mark Smith, was located strategically behind some doors and off the lobby. The lobby was the main mingling area and was the best place to see the fluid traffic and meet up with old colleagues and meet the newcomers as well. The cool thing about his annual gathering is the meeting of guitar cases and briefcases. interaction of the young and the old.

Neill DixonNeill DixonThe Canadian music icon, the legendary Bobby Curtola was in town for the week and got to see young artists like the talented Jordan Macintosh perform on the lower level. The teen idol of the past and the possible new teen idol of the future.  Respect from both sides. The usual suspects were all in attendance and it was great to see them all again. Songwriter and singer Paul Williams could be seen in the Mentor Café having coffee with Ralph Murphy. Eddie Schwartz, Larry Leblanc , Anya Wilson, Joey Cee, Steve Thompson, Zack Werner, Bob Leftez, just name them they were all there.  Neill Dixon the events founder and organizer was ever present making sure all ran smoothly.  In the International Market Place the world gathered for “speed meetings “ during the day and hosted evenings of drinks and food by the Koreans, The Nordic Regions and the Japanese,  Cards were exchanged , email addresses, ideas and promise to keep in touch were abundant.

Well done CMW staff and organizers you did our country proud and we look forward to next year – Canadian Music Week 2014.