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Submitted by Sandy Graham

The name Cashbox Magazine has a tremendous history, starting from its first publication in July 1942. The original Cashbox Magazine was published until 1996, and then was revived in the United States, as an Internet-only magazine in 2006 with the consent and cooperation of the family of George Albert, the late president and publisher of the original edition. Under the guiding hand of musicologist and music industry entrepreneur Bruce Elrod, Cashbox Magazine in the US has re-established the brand, and in turn has also started the resurrection of Record World Magazine. The American way – go big or go home.

But here is a little history about the name Cash Box, in two words as the original spelling was in its first incarnation. The ‘cash box’ was the actual metal box located in the jukebox; when the money was put in to play a song, there was a calculation that would show how many times a song was played. The company that collected the ‘cash box’ data weekly would then submit those stats, hence the Cash Box Chart was born. Living thru the years of the 50’s and 60’s Cash Box Magazine had tremendous impact on the hits of the day, based on what the public would like to hear on the jukebox, as well as radio station reporting for listener requests. A fact lost in the mix is Cash Box was the company that coined the phrase ‘With A Bullet’, measuring a new song that was bound to shoot up the charts based on its activity. As time went on, a system was setup for radio to report to Cashbox Magazine and of course, all other music media magazines who also set up charts for sales tracking.

The Original Cash Box LogoThe Original Cash Box LogoBut on to the present and the birth of Cashbox Canada. In the early spring of 2009, and a chance meeting at of all things, a Canadian Tire Store. I bumped into Bill Delingat, a legacy music entrepreneur himself here in Toronto, who was on his mobile with Bruce Elrod. Bill put me on the phone, right there in the gardening section, where I first heard the charming Southern drawl of Elrod, and the deal was formed for us to start a publication that would be Canadian owned and operated, with the sole purpose of promoting Canadian talent. As Southerners and Canadians the ‘virtual handshake’on the phone was a done deal within ten minutes. The rest of the legal details were worked out later. Although we own Cashbox Canada, without the guiding hand of our ‘big sister’ Cashbox Magazine, we would not have made it through that first year. Now we are celebrating going into our 5th Year.

Bruce Elrod OF Cashbox Magazine Inc. USA sent along his kudos, “Congratulations on the fourth anniversary of Cashbox Canada. After four years and many trials and tribulations, yawl have made this one of Canada’s premier entertainment and music magazine. Every week that goes by, you get better and better. Sandy Graham and crew, stick with it. You are all the best. Your American counterpart will be up and sparkling very soon again with the addition of Record World Magazine and I am confident we can once again provide the media with trust and integrity in all we do.”

Cashbox Canada has had so many music friends along this four year road, and we are grateful to all of you. Our mandate from Day One was to promote Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  Yesterday reflects the articles we have written of legacy artists; without these trailblazers there would be no Canadian Music Industry. Today – we have tried to cover everything from the indie artists; hip hop, garage, country, rock, pop and in between. Tomorrow – there have been artists we were lucky enough to interview before they broke as majors. We have also covered some controversial artists and stories and we are equally proud of that.

I also want to take a moment to thank two publications that came before Cashbox Canada who personally helped me to learn the ropes. Joey Cee –thank you for hiring me in 1977 and taught me what a publisher does and trusted me as an Editor when I had no experience. RPM – Stan Klees and Walt Grealis set the bar pretty high way back then. Their courage and insight changed the mosaic of our Canadian Music Scene and was the beginning of our Juno Awards.

Cashbox Canada Logo 2013Cashbox Canada Logo 2013But the real thank you needs to go to the Team, Lenny Stoute, Gillian FitzGibbon RGD, Chris Wardman, Michael Williams, Don Graham –all of you rally every week to make it happen.

So here is to the next year of giving you, the readers, what you have shown us that you want; cover stories, CD Reviews, personal interviews and more. For us at Cashbox Canada, it is still really all about the music.