Brent Williams inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame

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September 14, 2013 history was made when country artist Brent Williams was inducted into the "Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame" in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. A plaque in his honour now rests at the the Hank Snow Museum for friends and fans to view his accomplishments.

With a career tha has spanned over 55 years, Williams, the youngest of eight children was actually born in Nova Scotia on a small farm in Hassets. His family influence came from his mother’s love of music and his brother, who encouraged him to learn to play the guitar.

Brent Williams The Early DaysBrent Williams The Early DaysHe was an original member of the bluegrass band “The Birch Mountain Boys” who toured the Maritime Provinces.  Brent Williams, along with singing partner Harry Cromwell, created “The Brent & Harry Show” and while on the Gaspe Coast in 1963 joined up with the Marcel Martel Show from Drummondville, Quebec.   Years later Brent moved to Toronto and began a solo career in mainstream country. Whether playing at the Matador Club in Dartmouth, on stage at Seneca College in Toronto, he was a guest on Don Messer’s Jubilee, Country Time, Make Mine Country, CJCH Jamboree, Maritime Playboys Show while also recording at RCA Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

Continuing to tour in the 1990’s and hosting many of his own stage shows gave him the opportunity to perform his award winning songs, many of which were top 20 chart busters. During his career, Brent has shared the stage with numerous well-known artists including Stompin' Tom, Dave Dudley, Family Brown, Oakridge Boys, Wilburn Brothers, Stoneman Family,  Osborne Brothers, Prairie Oyster, Terry Carisse, Charlie Louvin, Freddie McKenna, Red Shea, Joyce Seamone, Carroll Baker, Shania Twain, Myrna Lorrie, Vic Mullen, Ned Landry, The Mercy Brothers, Ronnie Prophet; the list goes on.

Brent was one of the founding members of the Canadian Country Music Association, won the ‘Bon Soo’ Open Fiddle competition, recorded over 20 albums, received a Certificate of Merit (Condor/Marathon Music) Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences ‘76 & ‘77, and has been nominated for a CCMA award.

Brent continues to tour throughout the Maritimes and Canada.  For the past 10 years his career has taken a turn toward Gospel - recording and performing as part of his personal ministry. “We all take after our parents, and my mother in particular influenced me for the music I love today. She was pretty fussy about what she listened to when I was growing up on our small farm in Nova Scotia. She had no time for Classical, Opera, Blues or Celtic music, she preferred Pop, Rock AN' Roll, Country, and any kind of happy music, especially funny comedy songs. Despite the hardships she endured in her life or maybe because of that she loved to laugh. Country music was high on her list, but her favorite music was Gospel. I can still hear her singing along to old chestnuts like How Great Thou Art, Old Time Religion and others.”

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The Brent Williams CollectionThe Brent Williams Collection