In Memory of Charles Frederick Mavety: August 15, 1950 –September 25, 2013

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Marianne's Faithful Canadian Guitarist Joe Mavety – Originally Published October 2010

By Bill Delingat

Marianne Faithful is back again with her new C.D. “Easy Come, Easy Go”. Her 1979 comeback album “Broken English” was hailed as a breakthrough LP since her hit “As Tears Go By” and her legendary romance with Mick Jagger. What the music world didn’t know was the co-writer of “Broken English, “why d’ya do it” and “what’s the hurry” as well as the riveting guitar.

Joe Mavety was born August 15, 1950 to Charles and Norma, and grew up in Kleinberg on the Circle “M” Ranch. Mavety credits his start on the guitar to the big dance hall at the ranch where they had an old stand up piano. Mavety wanted to play it but was too small to get up on the stool, he found an acoustic guitar and would pick it up and play by ear. Later he decided to take music seriously and studied at the Myles Davis School of Music. His high school music teacher Charles Le Pointe introduced him to jazz guitarist Lenny Breau who became a good friend and a coach for Joe right up to his death in August 12, 1984.

1972: Mavety decided to pack up and move to London England. He met Bob Potter, a brilliant engineer who just returned from the USA and introduced him to Ben Brierley from a band called The Vibrators. Ben was married to Marianne Faithful at the time. Jackie, Mavety’s wife soon became friends with Marianne. Marianne asked Mavety to join her in a trip to Ireland when Ben could not make it. They did a demo session of “Broken English” and “Why D’ya Do It” and the Marianne Faithful band was formed. The band consisted of members from The Grease Band and Steve York (Yorkie) from Manfred Mann on bass, Terry Stannard on drums. Things were going great and the band landed a deal for the first album ‘Broken English” produced by Mark Miller Mundy. Barry Reynolds and Steve Winwood were brought in by Mark to add to the session.

Joe's Birthday August 2013  Nick Gurr Bill Delingat Dave Jensen and Joe MavetyJoe's Birthday August 2013 Nick Gurr Bill Delingat Dave Jensen and Joe MavetyIn 1979 “Broken English” was released and the single shot up the charts world wide.
In 1980 It was time to introduce Marianne to America and February 9th they were off to New York City to tape the “Saturday Night Live “show with Chevy Chase. The band was scheduled to play 2 songs,” Broken English” and “Guilt”. Mavety recalls that the band had no idea what the show was about as it wasn’t shown in England, so it seemed no big deal to them. After the show aired the press said that the performance Marianne gave was not only disappointing but a disaster! Mavety explained “Marianne had gone out on the town with her long time friend Anita Pallenberg the night before. Marianne showed up for sound check and couldn’t speak and everyone was running around and trying to figure out what to do. Someone said take her to “Belushi’s doctor” and off they went, so she wasn’t really on her game that night, but she always pulls it off.”

The next album “Dangerous Acquaintances” recorded in 1980 was a bit more pop sounding and Mavety’s presence wasn’t as defined. Now riding on the success of the first album Barry ended up writing most of the tunes. Mavety contributed only one song “Strange One”. Mavety remembers that at one point the band got fired and the label tried to finish it with the Grease Band, but that didn’t work out and the band was hired back again. That was it for Joe Mavety and the Marianne Faithful band he returned to Canada in 1981.

Mavety is currently working on a C.D. with all proceeds going to Leukemia research. Mavety wrote 2 of the songs,” Blues In The Rain” dedicated to New Orleans and “Wasting My Time”. Mavety plans on doing a jazzy style CD called “Blue Tattoo” with musicians he met over the years. Mavety is still in touch with Marianne and saw her last year in B.C. when she was doing a gig for her new C.D. “Easy come, easy go”.

Editor’s Note: This is a re-publication of a story from October 2010. Joe Mavety passed away on September 25, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Further announcements about a celebration of his life is forthcoming.