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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Alysha Brilla is a critically acclaimed Tanzanian-Canadian musician who is known for her unique roots-pop fusion musical style. In August 2013, Brilla completed her first full-length record called “In My Head” in which she wrote and produced all the songs and also collaborated with Mike Jones, a Juno winning engineer, and had the album mastered by Tom Coyne, a Grammy Award winner, who has worked with artists such Amy Winehouse and Adele to name a few.  True to Brilla’s musical style, In My Head, features an eclectic musical arrangement of drums, bass, guitar, keys, sax, trumpet, congas, and djembe and his her first release on Sunny Jam Records.

The title track ‘In My Head’ is a playful,saucy tune with great vocals that are infectious and a tasteful horn solo and has a great video to boot,  ‘Nobody’ is rhythmic with great Rhodes playing and reminiscent of a child’s nursery rhyme, ‘Sailor’s Wife’ shows off her vocal range, ‘Ain’t Right’ almost has a ska-reggae twist to it, ‘Two Shots’ captures the depth of when your heart is broken and no way to go through it but through it. ‘L.A. Hotel Room’ is haunting and makes you feel like you are actually there with her, ‘Never Gonna Get Me Back’ is the comeback song, with all the lines about the new girlfriend, the past and the future, ‘Sorry’ sounds so retro in the music but ‘now’ in the lyrics, where the one word sorry just won’t cut it, ‘Mark on Me’ tells of the residue and memories left behind when love ends, ‘Lifted’ has an r&b feel that could be a radio dance tune, and the closing song ‘I Don’t Need the Stars’ shows how versatile this artist is, sounding like a 1940’s starlette, but the key to this whole CD is the vocals that Alysha Brilla puts forth, and the sincerity with which she delivers it to you.

Alysha Brilla has this to say of her calling, ‘When I was three, I decided I was going to be a singer or writer and ever since have reconciled my musings of this earthly experience thru songwriting. I am a blessed human being with her share of trouble, but in the words of a good friend of mine, it is when we can spin those troubles into gold that we are far richer. So here is to turning a broken heart into a work of art and believing you can do anything your mind dreams possible.”
Alysha Brilla will be performing a Showcase at The Painted Lady 218 Ossington Avenue in Toronto, Ontario on November 20, 2013 at 8 pm. 
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