Proudly Canadian: Zappacosta

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Submitted By Sandy Graham

Alfredo Peter ‘Alfie’ Zappacosta was born in Sora, Italy and is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has one of those great legacies that turned his career name into one word – Zappacosta. His first experience into the professional scene was in 1979 when he as a front man for the band called Surrender, which he left in 1983. His self-titled debut album had his first single release ‘Passion’ and the second release ‘We Should Be Lovers’ made in to # 35 on the Charts in 1985.

Also a talented actor, that same year he portrayed Che Guevara in Richard Ouzounian’s production of Evita at the Neptune Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 1985 also brought about his joining with other Canadians to aide in the African famine relief efforts in the recording of ‘Tears Are Not Enough’.

His second solo album, A-Z, was released in 1986 and in 1987, Walt Disney's Danger Bay producer approached Zappacosta with a script written specifically for him. The episode "Rock Star" catapulted Zappacosta to a new kind of fame in acting.In the same year, he penned "Overload", which was written and performed exclusively for the multi-platinum soundtrack "Dirty Dancing" and Loverboy recorded Zappacosta's "That's Where The Money Goes" for their Wildside album. In 1988, he was awarded two JUNO’s for "Album of The Year “and “Most Promising Artist”, an American Music Award for "Most Popular Album of The Year" and a Canadian Publishers Music Association's "Best Rock Star".

Zappacosta is undeniably one of Canada's musical treasures, with an American Music Award, two JUNOs, million-sellers, a string of chart topping hits and a recording and acting career that has spanned 40 years. His legacy of hits brought him to the world's attention. "Start Again”, “When I Fall in Love Again” and “Nothing Can Stand In Your Way” became staples on adult contemporary radio. Zappacosta became a Rock Star.

With a massive catalog of well over 200 songs, Zappacosta true art is in his words. If you dig into his lyrics, you will learn of his life and his take on relationships. Some songs portray his real life experience and others were drawn form muses on his journeys throughout his life. All but seven songs on his thirteen recordings have been written or co-written by Alfie many of them delivered from his acoustic essence...he is songwriter first and an artist second.

The hit songs were originally written for acoustic and jazz presentations. Writing for radio began to rub against his musical integrity and he became frustrated with the demands of music trends. In 1996, Zappacosta broke from the stereotype and began to write the lyrics and melodies that were authentically him. His recordings since 1996 reflect his mastery at romance, his insight into relationships and his advanced knowledge of music. Zappacosta has redefined the live concert experience with intimate and intense showcases. His performances deliver a blend of acoustic, jazz and pop music that hits your heart with the words and your head with soaring melodies.

And the hits that brought Zappacosta to the world's attention, including ‘Nothing Can Stand in Your Way’, ‘Passion’, ‘When I Fall in Love Again’, ‘We Should Be Lovers and Start Again’ - Zappacosta hasn't turned his back on any of these songs. They are high-quality and fit perfectly into his new music and arrangements. Zappacosta's latest CD and DVD, ‘Live From Blue Frog Studios’ captures a recording in front of an intimate audience with his great band finding the heart and soul of his classics and new material. It's a confirmation of Zappacosta’s decisions and directions and showcases him making some of the most dynamic music of his career. No trends, no hype -This is pure music, pure art…pure Zappacosta.