Proudly Canadian: Robbie Lane (and the Disciples)

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Formed in the 1960’s in Toronto, Ontario, Robbie Lane and the Disciples started out as a back-up group for Ronnie Hawkins and later became the host band on CBC’s teen show, ‘It’s Happening’.

In 1964, they released ‘Fannie Mae’ and achieved their first airplay on radio followed by ‘Ain’t Love a Funny Thing’ in 1965. Also in 1965 The Disciples recorded ‘Baby Ruth’ under a different name, The Butterfingers. Their popularity grew and the played the circuit, developing a faithful following of fans in the Canadian market.

At the end of the decade, Robbie Lane went on to solo career while Terry Bush continued to write and record with one of his career highlights being the theme song for CTV’s ‘The Littlest Hobo’.

Robbie LaneRobbie LaneIn the 1980’s Robbie Lane and the Disciples re-united and are once again active in the live circuit, playing all the faves of their own hits as well as great R&B oldies tunes.

Robbie Lane branched out into a natural career on the radio, and had his own show on the legendary 1050 chum, just before they changed format to all talk.

Today Robbie can be heard on AM 740, Monday thru Friday for ‘Robbie Remembers the ‘60’s at Six’ and ‘The ‘70’s at Seven. He recently has added ‘The 80’s at Eight’ and ‘The 90’s at Nine. These four hours of great music weekdays will remind you of how radio used to be with the deejay picking the songs for you to enjoy. Lane also hosts Saturdays at 6 pm ‘The British Invasion’.

Robbie Lane is a true testimonial to his talent both on air and on stage has withheld the test of time.

Ain’t Love a Funny Thing Robbie Lane and the Disciples

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