Bruno Mars Super Bowl Triumph 2014

Bruno Mars Live at the Super Bowl.jpg

Submitted by Don Graham

On Sunday Bruno Mars gave an amazing and high-energy performance during the 2014 Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show, the most illustrious gig in pop, so enormous that its organizers didn’t even pay Mars for that 12-minute performance – they know and he knows, that this is multi-million dollar exposure for him.
It’s a gig that demands an established superstar with epic fan reach. Last year it was the mega star Beyoncé; in 2012 it was Madonna, and 10 years ago and most infamously it was Janet Jackson and her infamous wardrobe malfunction. The diminutive Mars, not known as a music heavyweight and seemingly owner of a generic and inoffensive persona seemed a strange choice.

A lot of critics were more than mystified – they were downright mean. But it appears Bruno Mars got the last laugh. Bruno Mars began the 12 most important minutes of his career with “Locked Out of Heaven”.

He followed that with last year’s disco track, Treasure, in which Mars’ shows off his fancy footwork which was so fancy it was a little tiring to watch. There are very few dance move that quite say “Hey, want to see something spectacular, watch this!” the way the splits does.

The 28-year-old singing sensation started the show by having a children’s chorus sing his verse from the song “Billionaire” before he hopped on stage for a drum solo.

The rest of his set included “Runaway Baby,” “Give it Away” with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and finally his song “Just the Way You Are.”

Mars brought millions of fans over to his side of the music world in the allotted 12 minutes as he and his eight-piece band, The Hooligans, dressed from head-to-toe in custom-made clothes from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, rocked the stage.

Good on ya Bruno Mars as once again the experts are shown despite what they think they don’t know everything. Bravo Bruno Mars, hope next year’s Super Bowl performers were paying close attention.