Sam Roberts Riding High with Lo-Fantasy


Submitted by Don Graham

Canadian rocker Sam Roberts is having a big month of February, The Sam Roberts Band debuted their song Broken Teeth is a featured song for the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 and a new album Lo-Fantasy was released on February 11th, 2014.

The Olympics have a thread of music running through them, from National anthems sung and played on victory podiums to Olympic themed songs to songs the athletes  use to motivate them.

Canada has always contributed great music to these events and for the Sochi Olympics musicians from the Great White North like Fefe Dobson, Down With Webster and Montreal's Sam Roberts Band have joined forces with CBC to release new tracks, which are being played during the network’s coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Sam Roberts Band’s song “Broken Teeth” will make its debut on Feb. 15. This is something frontman Sam Roberts has been looking forward to and gains a spot for this song on the band’s new release.

‘Broken Teeth’ found itself without a home and, luckily, it found a pretty amazing one that I could never have imagined,” Roberts said. “It’s a song about picking up the pieces at your lowest moments and finding that you’re still alive and breathing and have something to live for.”

And this year Roberts is paying close attention to the Olympics.

“I love the downhill skiing, hockey and I always watch the figure skating but, (I get) so nervous (watching it,) it is like going to the circus,” the rocker explained. “I went to the circus this year and it’s terrifying. You feel like you are about to witness calamity at every turn and figure skating is the same. I really like that team competition that they put in at the beginning. I thought that was a great addition.”

Sam Roberts Band are no strangers to the Olympics. They had the opportunity to perform during the 2010 Games in Vancouver, and by the way Roberts describes the experience, it was electric.

“I had never been to the Olympics before and the first time walking the streets, you could feel the energy and fervour that surrounds the Olympics,” Roberts said. “You know those times where you just feel people coming together rather than being torn apart? I think that [in the world that] we live in, you’re bombarded so often by images of how we have that self-destructive gene at the heart of the human spirit and it can be very disheartening. At the Olympics, you feel that everything’s all right. You’re reminded of how good people can really be.”

Having their new song ‘Broken Teeth’ debut during the Olympics is just part of what the Sam Roberts Band is looking forward to this month.

Sam RobertsSam RobertsOn Feb. 11, the group’s latest record ‘Lo-Fantasy’ was released and it seems like the creative process for this album was a new journey for Roberts, who worked with producer Martin Glover “There’s always the pressure to produce something from nothing, but that’s a good pressure,” the musician said. “Although, it is never truly nothing because you’re beholden to the musical tradition that you’re part of and in our case, a tradition deeply rooted in rock and roll music.

“It’s more that you’re tapping into it than bringing forth this magnificent creation," he continued. You’re really just sort of channelling the music in your life into your own voice and into your own statement. To me, that has become a freer process and less bound to expectation … This record is freer than anything else we’ve ever done before.”

The Juno Award-winning Canadian rock singer-songwriter, whose 2001 debut release, The Inhuman Condition, became one of the bestselling independent releases in Quebec and Canadian music history had this to say about the new album:
‘Lo-Fantasy’ is a literary genre that takes place in a world very much like our own, but in which magic – or the possibility of magic – exists,” Roberts says. “It’s grounded in reality, but it’s an altered reality. You can still ride a train to Alberta, but there’s a place for the supernatural in this otherwise rational world – it’s out there and we haven’t tapped into it yet.” Maybe music is the bridge….”

For his fifth studio album Sam Roberts has given a Gold Medal performance!