Tom Levin Them Feet

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Submitted by Don Graham

Photo Credit: Johan Topel 

We first met Swedish singer/songwriter Tom Levin at Canadian Music Week 2013 in Toronto in the International Market Place (IMP) Room. He was promoting his new record Tooth and Claw and we were fortunate to get a copy and review it. It was a fine album and we stayed in touch waiting and watching to see what this talented Swede would follow up with.

Levin has just released the follow up album Them Feet, his fifth album, and a great product to keep the momentum of Tooth and Claw rolling and solidify his place in the country, pop, Americana genre.The title track Them Feet, starts with a cool riff with the insightful lyric that we’ve come to expect from Tom. The track is a little reminiscent of a chain gang song but the message of giving your all to something is front and centre.

Tom was a prisoner of sorts to a bad record deal that held him captive for three years from 2007 to 2010 but when finally free in 2011 was named as indie artist of the year and was the only International performer invited to New Orleans’ Cutting Edge Festival. He is preparing to release two albums in 2014  starting with Them Feet.

There are only three songs here not credited to Levin alone, one of which is I Raise My Flag but even this is unmistakably Levin lyrically, and as you listen you get the true feeling of surrender that is implied. Pull Yourself Together  with it’s “shave and a haircut “ Bo Diddley feel shows a different, rougher side of Levin’s voice.

Father to a Son – the third song, after I Raise My Flag and Pull Yourself Together, co-written by Levin with Brian Hobbs is a strong track in the order, filled with hope that the gaps between father and child can be bridged by love.

As Long As It’s Good and Once I Almost Killed a Horse, a song of hope and love and a vocal that captures both. June's Memory Lane and Company set the stage for the finale song King Neptune, a great way to wrap up this journey. A tale of epic love.

Tom Levin is a breath of fresh air, a thinking man’s songwriter with a distinct and powerful voice to match his songs.  If you haven’t heard Tom Levin you owe it to your ears to get a hold of Them Feet.

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