Jerry Corbitt of The Youngbloods R.I. P.

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Jerry Corbitt, a founding member of the Youngbloods and record producer, died on Saturday at his home in Smiley, Texas after a long battle with lung cancer.

The Youngbloods were an American folk rock band consisting of Jesse Colin Young  on vocals, bass, Jerry Corbitt on guitar, Lowell Levinger, nicknamed "Banana," on guitar and electric piano, and Joe Bauer on drums. Despite receiving critical acclaim, they never  received the widespread popularity they deserved Their only U.S. Top 40 entry was  the hippy anthem ‘Get Together’. Jerry Corbitt wrote the Youngbloods song ‘Grizzly Bear’ and Jesse Colin Young said this on his Facebook page regarding the loss of his friend. 

“Jerry Corbitt is gone from this world. We lost him this weekend. He left peacefully and willingly having lost a long battle with lung cancer. He was my best friend and I miss him. There seems to be a hole in my life now and I'm trying to fill it with memories of him and all the adventures we shared creating the Youngbloods.  I just watched Jerry singing Grizzly Bear on the Dick Clark show. That was the fall of 1966. He is so young and handsome and his voice is so strong in that video; strong as his love of ragtime music learned from the old folk guitar masters. We still lived in New York when the first album came out but we were destined to play the Avalon Ballroom in the Spring of 1967 and head west that next September. We caught the leading edge of the summer of love and knew we belonged in San Francisco.
Jerry and I drove my funky little Valiant across the country together. We were so excited and full of the dreams of a new life in the hills of West Marin. What a time! It has all happened way too quickly. And now I shall have to press on without him. But this video is how I will remember him....young and strong and full of dreams. And I will carry the strength of our friendship with me always.”

Grizzly Bear The Youngbloods 1967

Corbitt had released 4 solo albums, Corbitt on Polydor, Jerry Corbitt on Capitol, On The Line on Ragbaby and most recently Along For The Ride on the Desert Wind Label released in November 2008. Jerry also made 4 albums with Charlie Daniels including a double album set recorded live at Carnegie Hall. Jerry produced a number of albums for most of the major labels including projects with Don McLean, Charlie Daniels and Janis Ian. Jerry also appeared with Jesse Colin Young on most of his solo albums. Jerry  won Gold, Platinum and double platinum sales awards for his recorded work and contributed music to many television and major motion picture soundtracks.
R.I.P. Jerry Corbitt. includes albums with Pete Seeger, Norton Buffalo, Charlie Daniels, Cypress Hill, Bt. Marie, Rooftop Singers.