Jerry Leger & The Situation Early Riser Latent

Jerry Leger Early Riser.jpg

Submitted by Lenny Stoute

A decade on from wowing the Beaches babes as he blew out the walls of tiny dive joint Castro’s with his sex-soaked blues rock and reckless style, Jerry Leger has emerged as a talent to be reckoned with.

Its way fitting that he’s signed with Latent, as his talent has lain in that position for far too long, even as he cranks out one killer album after another.

This un’s no diff; it’s eight of Leger’s character-driven tunes, touching all of the sweet spots in the roots Americana barroom balladeer tradition. From the urban dislocation blues of "Factory Made” to the fluid country rock of "Cashing In", the foot-stompin’ gospel-tinged soul of “To Let Me Go” and the barroom brawl/album highlight that is “She Ain’t My Woman And I Ain’t No Woman’s Man,” Leger’s high, at times Dylanesque vocals are up to carrying the front load. He can also nail you with the delicate and thoughtful, as on "Nobody's Angel” and "One More Bad Penny" and the whimsical, bare-bones blues of “Bad Ole Dog”.

It’s not perfect music, dude’s never dropped passion for technique and canny producer Michael Timmins (Cowboy Junkies) manages to blend the edges slickly into the songs’ soundscape. Leger’s backed by his usual band The Situation, amply augmented by guest artists organist Jeff Heisholt (Burt Neilson Band, the Trews) and singers Tamara Lindeman (the Weather Station), Ivy Mairi and Carleigh Aikins.

While the sweet riffage will pull ya in, it’s Leger’s pensive, timeless lyrics such as "Feel like a problem, feel like a smoker's cough/ Thumbing my way from town to town, trying to shake it off." that signal most strongly the high-speed evolution of Leger’s songwriting.

His previous album was called Some Folks Know. This one will let lots more folks in on the gritty and magical realism of his music.