Julian Taylor: Tech Noir

Julian Taylor Tech Noir Cover.jpg

Submitted by Lenny Stoute

On which this sharp-dressed soul rockin’ man comes up with a new sound and underlines  the distance he’s come since his Staggered Crossing days. Always a fluid and inventive guitarist and an attention-grabbing showman, Tech Noir is a high-water mark in the songwriting department.

Taylor has a distinct delivery that’s raw and emotional, drawing on blues-rock and island rhythms for the backbone of his sound. Word is that Tech Noir is a culmination of every musical genre that has influenced him throughout his life.

The end result’s inspired by the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers, which has loads of room for Taylor’s inspired riffing. No flies on the vocals either, which manage to come over sounding both classic and fresh.  You’ve likely already heard his soulman’s shout on the blazing single "Zero to Eleven", punched up by a tight horn section, or his smootn  r’n’b crooning on "Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Thematically, for Taylor the revolution’s all about the love, most appropriate for a new daddy, and consequently is awash in good vibes and positivity which occasionally teeters but never quite falls into the chasm of the warm fuzzies. On that front, the highlight is  "Be Good To Your Woman". The clever changeup of “No Guns,” on which Taylor sings “I don’t need no gun for protection…” telling us this is so because the love in his life is all the protection he needs, has just the right amount of guitar edge to give it authority.

By the end of these eleven vigorously produced tunes, it’s evident that Taylor is coming from a funk-pop space previously occupied most memorably by Prince. Drop da disc, bust out yer funky soul moves and tell me this album don’t make you want to grind all night.

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