The Attitude of Gratitude


Submitted by Sandy Graham

In these current times it is hard not to look at the glass as half empty instead of half full. For me, it was the wonderful upbringing I had with two amazing parents who loved each other and their children more than life itself that always brings me back to knowing the glass is half full.

Many of you who are close to me have gotten to know my parents even though they have long been gone from this earth. Their expressions, morals and stories are woven into my everyday life. As my brother Don always says, they would be amazed at the impact they have had on us.

So I have realized that gratitude is an attitude.

I am grateful for my Cashbox team : Mark Smith, Bill King, Gillian Fitzgibbon, Michael Williams, Glenda Fordham, Iain Patience,Lee Fraser, Lenny Stoute, Chris Wardman and Don Graham – I thank you for making this online magazine come out every week in celebration of music. Because of you,  we have created a place to promote Canadian talent and beyond.

I am grateful for the industry folks I get to work with all the time, Irene Carroll, Anya Wilson, Kathy Hahn, JSpencer Mussellam, Gerry Young, Shelley Buffitt,  the folks at CIMA and so many more.

The artists who continue to promote and perform their music; Bobby Curtola, Andy Kim, John McDermott, Danny Marks, Robbie Lane, Mimi and so many others who I have had the pleasure of seeing perform this past year.

Graham McLean Robertson 1 year oldGraham McLean Robertson 1 year oldI am also so very grateful to those of you who continue to read Cashbox Canada. We work hard to make it happen but you, the readers, are truly our inspiration and motivation to continue to publish.

Last, but not least, I am grateful for my family. The best Christmas present I ever received was the birth of my first child Graham McLean Robertson who turns 25 on Christmas Day. Happy Birthday baby!

So during this holiday season check out a live show, go out and see a band, buy their CD and continue to support our Canadian talent. And develop the attitude of gratitude – it feels pretty good.