Jessie Tylre Williams - Her Time Has Come


Submitted by Don Graham

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba to a large family, Jessie Tylre Williams grew up listening to her mom playing traditional country records like Hank Williams Sr. and later on the crystal clear sounds of Dolly Parton. “Dolly was a huge influence on me. I loved the way she sang and the songs she wrote. She was from a big family, grew up dirt poor and still managed to rise above it all. I was from a big family, 8 kids, and we didn’t have a lot. So I figured if she could do it, there was a chance for me.”

Jessie played her music for awhile but started a successful business and put the music aside, but only for while. “Once you have a calling there really is nothing else you can do. Nothing you do will feel right or have the passion than what you’re born to do in your soul. Music, singing, writing songs and helping people through my music is what I was put here to do. That’s why my mantra is “healing the world, one song at a time.” I know I can’t literally heal the world but I can shine a light for some folks. I always believe where there’s life there’s hope.” And shine JTW does. She is probably one of the hardest working people in country music when it comes to social media and internet radio promotion. And it’s paying off in spades.

“I've been out of the loop for awhile, but although I wasn't on the scene, I have never stopped writing. It has been my refuge, my personal therapist. I feel so blessed to be alive and to be able to share my story through my music, with hopes that I can inspire others along the way. We must never stop believing. Where there is life, there truly is hope. And I love connecting with the people on Facebook and internet radio. Everybody’s been so good to me and accepting of my music. I feel really blessed to have the fan base and friends I have.”

Jessie is now living and working in Medicine Hat, Alberta and couldn’t be happier. She has a new album, ‘This Road’ scheduled for release on February 4th,2015,  with a huge CD release party planned at Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall in Calgary. The CD was  recorded at CCMA Studio of the Year, MCC Recording Studio in Calgary, Alberta and  was produced by Johnny Gasparic. “I’ve been working for a long time on this album and feel really confident the industry and fans will feel the same way and love it. I had the opportunity to work with some of Canada’s best musicians and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Nothing can deliver a message with power like music can.”

Jessie Tylre Williams Sitting on This RoadJessie Tylre Williams Sitting on This RoadAnd a fine album it is, containing 7 original tunes perfectly suited for today’s market, well sung and artfully produced. The opening tune “On The Right Track” is Jessie’s positive message to everyone that even if things look bleak, keep moving along because everything happens for a reason and  you’re “on the right track.” “I Don’t Care” is a driving tune about gaining your identity back and not caring what others think. Be true to yourself. “Please Don’t Let Me Down”  is a very personal track of looking for support. Well done. “A Girl I Used To Know” sounds like more self discovery but could be about anybody. A well produced track, great vocal performance. “An Angel” cooks from beginning to end, great driving song, one of my favourites. The lead single “ Maybe” should kick the door open for Jessie; great track, radio friendly and commercial. The set ends with “This Road” another well written song, very Terri Clark-ish and could also be a great radio single. The only thing wrong with this album is it’s over too soon.

The 7 tracks flow well and it’s over before you know it and you want to hear more from this artist.

Jessie Tylre Williams is a passionate singer and songwriter who preaches the potential of sound and voice as a healing medium and gains her musical influence through lending a hand to others that need support during their own hardships.

So get yourself a copy of this record, sit down and listen to it. I’m sure you’ll agree Jessie Tylre Williams is the real deal and her time has come.

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