Angie Palmer Old Sticks to Scare A Bird

Angie Palmer Old Sticks to Scare a Bird.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

Angie Palmer is a Brit.  Now resident in France, she writes haunting country music with meaningful lyrics and Nashville-like melodies.  BBC Radio's country guru Bob Harris cites her as one of the finest British country musicians and is a long-time fan. With this marvelously entitled album, it's easy to see why.

The album is split, so to speak, with two 'sides': both feature Palmer's excellent vocals and compelling guitar picking. Reading between the lines it seems clear she comes originally from the acoustic-folk end of the music with themes that at times appear grounded in that genre albeit with a modern country sound and feel to them.

With twelve tracks, all self-written together with Paul Mason, Palmer has adequate time to develop here and from the hard-driving rhythm of the opening track, 'The Ballad Of Jack Everyman' to the subtlety of the closing 'Fresco', she comfortably and easily pulls the listener along in her wake with some beautifully crafted numbers and guitar licks.

At times something of a toe-tapper, this album is more than simply another pleasant modern country release. It's a showcase for Palmer's writing and playing that leaves the listener looking for more.  Angie Palmer is clearly a talented lady and 'Old Sticks To Scare A Bird' is a cracking example of her evident ability and talented musicianship.