Duffy Kane Dead Man Walkin'

Duffy Kane Dead Man Walkin'.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

This is an album that rips away from the very off. The opening track, ‘Roadhouse Boogie Woogie’, gives the disc an immediate rolling appeal and Kane makes the most of things here with some mighty fine fretwork, shoring the whole thing up from start to finish.

Kane's sixth release to date, Dead Man Walkin' highlights the Texan's mastery of his home-built guitar while bringing fresh lyrics and power to the 11-track mix. Themes covered include his despair with the state of modern America, love, loss and optimism. Some withering cynicism and humour also feature, though ultimately he clearly remains hopeful for the future of the US despite the warnings that pepper the songs of insight here.

Interestingly, Kane describes himself as being 'a craftsman' rather than an above the wire artist. Nevertheless, despite his protestations, his artistry shines brightly throughout this album, reflected clearly in the quality of the guitar-work, the strength of his song-writing, vocal talent and the overall production values brought to the table with this CD.

He includes, perhaps with some daring, a neatly tailored arrangement of 'America The Beautiful', where the guitar picking is marvelously laid-back yet holds an inherent power to captivate, reflecting his hope and respect for America's fundamental ideals.

In essence this is a country-type album covering crafted songs about roadhouse gals and truckers doing their everyday thing. A mighty fine addition to the rebel rock-country cannon, Dead Man Walkin' fairly races along very nicely indeed.