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Submitted by Don Graham

Patricia Conroy has had 8 number one singles and 5 number one videos on CMT and was 
CCMA Independent Female Vocalist of the Year in 1999, 2000 and 2006. Pretty impressive laurels to be able to comfortably rest on. But the Montreal born, Nashville based singer/songwriter is far from living off that legacy but rather is one of the most productive and active Canadian songwriters in Music City.

“I’m really happy with where I am right now musically and personally here in Nashville. I’m writing with and for some great Canadian artists and feel as productive as I ever been. And some of the productivity includes cuts of her songs by Emerson Drive "She Always Gets What She Wants", Smalltown Pistols. "I Only Smoke When I Drink" Beverley Mahood " Hope and Gasoline","Sunday I’m an Angel",Tebey "Now I Do”, Michelle Wright "Crazy Stupid Love", Morgan Evans " Like a Tornado" (which was the  #1 song and video in Australia) and  Bobby Wills "Undressed". I saw Bobby Wills perform this song in Edmonton at last year’s CCMA Awards Week show and was impressed with how thrilled he was to be able to write with Patricia. There are also 9 co-writes with Jimmy Rankin on his current album,  including the  title track  "Backroad Paradise" and the hit  "Cool Car."

Patricia was raised in a strong musical family in Montreal, Quebec with that city’s   French Canadian culture and with her mother’s Maritime country background coupled with her father’s Irish roots, music was in her blood. She was part of a family band, The Shamrock Ceili Band and enjoyed the Celtic and country music that was a huge part of the family fabric and filled the air throughout her home as a little girl. She soon took piano and vocal lessons and reflects on her early years with her family band, singing in church, and the constant presence of musical guests in her home, as being her real musical training. “There was always a fiddle, accordion or guitar being played. I absolutely treasure those years. My love of music stems from those days”.

Canadian Country Artist Patricia ConroyCanadian Country Artist Patricia ConroyAs she grew up and musical styles changed, Patricia discovered the west coast sounds of the likes Emmylou Harris, The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne, the beginnings of country rock  and found her niche. “That’s the time I really knew what direction I wanted to go in musically”. Patricia hooked up with like-minded musicians in Vancouver in the late 80’s and eventually entered and won a “Battle of the Bands” contest. With the $10,000 prize money she had the opportunity to make demos of some of her original material. “That’s when I got my first record deal with Warner Music Canada. I was thrilled! To top it off, my record producer; Randal Prescott, brought Vince Gill into the studio to sing background vocals on ‘Blue Angel’ and ‘Take Me With You’, two songs that I had written, what an honour!” She then began touring extensively, making fans all over Canada.

Patricia’s second release, Bad Day for Trains featured the Canadian top 10 hit “My Baby Loves Me” and two number ones, “What Do You Care” and the title track, “ Bad Day For Trains”. With this string of hits, Patricia was garnering a large, strong and loyal fan base. This would result in Patricia being named the Canadian Country Music Association’s “Female Vocalist of the Year” for 1994 and earn “Album of the Year” status for her sophomore release in1993.

Her Warner Canada CD, You Can’t Resist It,  featured the hit song “Mary on the Dashboard”. This success resulted in the well deserved and popular win at the 1999 Canadian Country Music Association Awards where Patricia was voted “Independent Female Artist of the Year.”

Patricia’s CD Talking to Myself was a turning point in her career. Produced by Conroy’s husband, the multi-talented  Bob Funk, the album gave Patricia a chance to explore a new, fresh sound and show a deeper, more emotional side to her songwriting.. “I went out on a limb with some of these songs. I began to write from a fresh perspective with no musical boundaries… I know that fans can appreciate the need to keep challenging oneself  artistically.”

And now Patricia Conroy is one of the most sought after co-writing partners in town.“I’m getting to write with some of the incredible young talent that come down to Nashville from Canada and need some help with their songs, and with some of my established artist friends. I love this life. I write every day get to spread my creative wings to their limit. I am so blessed to have had the recording career I’ve had, not that I’m done with that, and been able to continue making the music I love as a songwriter. Doesn’t get much better than this. In May I get to part of a NSAI showcase at Hugh’s Room in Toronto with some of my favourite people, including fellow Canadians Victoria Banks my pal Jimmy Rankin.”

So fellow Canadians, be proud of this young lady, she is a driving force and will be for many years to come. Patricia Conroy is really in the right place at the write time.