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Submitted by Don Graham

Beverley Mahood was “A Girl Out Of The Ordinary “ in 1998 and has risen to extraordinary heights in the interim. The Canadian singer/songwriter/actress is moving steadily ahead, always with her eyes on the prize. With the new single, “Atmosphere” currently at radio and  there is an album with the same title due out shortly.

“I guess you could say that I am living in my perfect "atmosphere" right now,” Beverley said by phone as she was packing to head back to Nashville. “This new song of mine “Atmosphere” pretty well sums up how I feel right now and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Bob Funk did a great job on the production and kept it honest and true to who I am.” When reached in Nashville Bob Funk said, " It's pleasure working with a talent like Beverley. She's always open to new ideas and wants to create her own sound and make unique records,"

Beverley went on to say, “I'm proud to say I did things first in this business model we have today. I was one of the first artists to release my own independent label in Canada to take a leap of faith and release a record “Girl Out Of The Ordinary” on my own without the support from a major  label, even though I had two labels wanting to sign me. I had a really great team around me and a few angels, including Rick Hutt and Tom Cross, who believed in me from the beginning. Shortly after the release of the first single " Girl Out Of The Ordinary" I was discovered by David Foster and was one of the first artists he signed to his label.I was the first artist to cross over to TV and hosting when no one else was doing that, and other managers thought that would be the death of me; now I notice those same managers working to that end  and trying to get their artists to do TV, some are even looking for TV people that can sing! I’ve always tried to be the complete package. It’s not enough for me just to be a good singer or songwriter but rather I work very hard to be the best that I can be at all aspects of my career.” And work hard she has and a brief look at Beverley Mahood’s history shows us that hard work is its own reward.

Beverley Mahood has been a factor in the Canadian and US market since her debut album “Girl Out of the Ordinary” was released in 1998. The album introduced her to the country music industry and produced several radio singles and music videos. Beverley then signed with 143 Records, a label owned by iconic producer David Foster. With Foster, she was part of the female trio, Lace, releasing a self titled album, Lace, in 1999. The first single, "I Want a Man", went to number 7 on the charts in Canada and was a number one video on CMT. A second solo CD, “Moody Blue”, was released in 2004, receiving recognition with another number one CMT video for the single "The First Day You Wake Up Alone."

Around this time Beverley co-wrote the hit single "Come to Me," recorded by Celine Dion on her 2005 Miracle album. She also wrote "Good to Be Alive," the theme for the CMT reality series Project Mother and Project Dad, which was released to radio in 2007 with an accompanying music video airing on CMT. In May 2008, Mahood marked her return as a recording artist with the release of the song, "This Girl." A second single, "Rewrite History" was released in October 2008. She released “Unmistakable”, in November 2008 and a Christmas album, “This Christmas Celebrate Me Home”, in November 2008. Recently Beverley released "Hope & Gasoline," “I Can’t Outrun You” and “ Sunday I’m An Angel” to Canadian country radio. And now one of her best efforts to date - “Atmosphere”.

Just before she left for Nashville Beverley let us know, “I just heard Leah Daniels single "Go Back" went top 20 and I have writing on her next single "Dream Without You". Thrilled.”

On a community level Beverley has been the host of CTV's Telemiracle for eighteen consecutive years. Her hosting duties include introducing talent and speaking with various people who have raised funds. When asked about her dedication to the cause Beverley said “My terms and sense of charity and giving doesn't come along with what I'm getting from it. it's imporant for everyone to give back. Philanthropy doesn't have anything to do with the size of your wallet but rather the size of your heart. This was my 18th year hosting and being a part of Telemiracle and I believe in what they are doing and helping people without asking anything in return. The kinsmen and kinettes are amazing people."

On the TV front Beverley was offered and accepted the role of co-host of Vancouver’s Breakfast Television and held that position for two years (2004-2005) and on CMT was the host of Project Mom/Dad, CMT Central, and Karaoke Star from 2005 to 2010. She then held the post of host on Pick a Puppy on CMT, YTV and the W Network from 2010 to 2014.

As a performer she was an Exclusive Performer at G8 Summit for the World Leaders in 2010, performed for the royal couple Kate and William in 2011, performed with Smokey Robinson and Boys2Men in a Hardees commercial and recorded duets with Randy Bachman, Kim Mitchell, Mike Reno (from Loverboy) and Dan Hill.

Beverley is a devoted supporter of Canada’s Food Banks with a focus on children. “As artists, we have the privilege of a voice and a stage. We have a responsibility to use that privilege so those without can be heard. Children need that voice.” To that end she has toured in support of the Food Bank aspart of the “Huron Carole”. In fact this past December when we ran into Beverley at Andy Kim’s Annual Christmas Show she had flown in from doing the Huron Carole Special and flown right back out to rejoin the Carole production. Such is her dedication to good and worthy causes and a big reason why she received the Slaight Humanitarian Award at the CCMA Awards in Edmonton in 2014.

And finally some things Beverley Mahood would like you all to know:

“I can’t whistle or wink, I bleed blue for the Toronto Maple Leafs, my biggest musical moment was probably singing with Bryan Adams or ACDC. Most emotional moment was singing “Rainbow Connection” on-stage, one last time with Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath as he announced his retirement in March 2015. Iwas born in Northern Ireland just outside of Belfast and I have a very Irish accent, which would surprise most people as I have hid it for years and I don’t like onions. I love my red wine and I buy too many lamps.”

Beverley Mahood is a great role model for any aspiring up and coming young female artist. “I work really hard at what I do. I work out, stay on top of my craft, take nothing for granted and am deeply grateful that I can do what I do for a living. But none of it comes without hard work, sacrifice and dedication. Follow your dreams and never give up.”