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Submitted by Don Graham

If you like your songs pure and your country country then Dayna Shereck is definitely one the bright lights on the Canadian country music horizon. Dayna was writing songs before she could play an instrument. “The melodies were coming to me in a steady stream of consciousness and I literally had to go out and buy a guitar, learn a few chords just to get the songs out”. And the wheels are turning in her career as she recently had a film placement song ‘Whadaya Say’, in "On The Wing" a film with Shirley Jones and Corbin Bernsen as well as being placed on NSAI's “Ones To Watch” list. She was also a finalist in the “Great American Song Contest” and a semi finalist in the “International Songwriting Competition” for 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Two songs co-written with Marcum Stewart have been recorded on Stewart's album "Put It In Drive" an album which has secured tv and film placements in the US as well as airplay in the UK (BBC). Dayna also co-wrote “Before You Say Goodbye” with Canadian country artist Barbara Lynn Doran, which will be coming out on the artist’s upcoming album. 

And she has finished recording her own EP "Suitcase Full of Dreams" recordedat Beaird Music Studios with Larry Beaird in Nashville, Tennessee. The album features a collection of original songs, which the songwriter explains “is more old country bluegrass, than new country, I love both, but my natural inclination is more traditional. I am very excited about this album, it's something I never expected to be doing".

"I have a lot of respect for Dayna's drive. Her relentless hard work, endless co-writing and frequent trips to Nashville have proven successful," said Barbara Sedun, President of Reliant Music, in Vancouver, B.C. "She has built relationships with artists and writers and her songs are being heard by mainstream major label artists."

Multi platinum producer Marcus Kane adds “As an award winning producer, I have sold over 4 million albums worldwide and worked with many top tier artists and writers, Dayna Shereck has an innate talent for songwriting with catch hook and melodies. With the right artist, her song “Faultline” could be a country smash”.

Well known music industry veteran Bobby Gale adds "Dayna impressed me from the getgo ... we met following a speaking engagement I had for songwriters ... one kind of generously, however, I must admit, somewhat naively participates, expecting that everyone present has the goods ... but you soon realize that only a few truly standout; Dayna did, as she not only conceives & delivers great songs, but, and perhaps more importantly, she knows full & well that without a plan, a critical path if you will, not to mention a coterie of co-conspirators to better position & develop yourself for success, you're treading water.

The EP is a five song effort with a lean towards the traditional sound of real country music. ‘Goodbye Doesn’t Say It All’ written by Dayna, Dave Woods and Ray Walsh shows the pure country voice of Dayna at its best. Clean production. ‘Think Again’ is written by Dayna and Diane Kelley. Fiddles and steel guitars and broken hearts, love it. This is a voice you could listen to all day. ‘Part Of The Passing Through’ written by Dayna, Dave Woods and Marcum Stewart is a nicely done duet. Again, pure country.’Wake Up Tomorrow’, a collaboration by Dayna, Dave Woods and Ray Walsh, is another beautifully delivered county gem performed with honesty and vulnerability. ‘I Didn’t Chase All the Good Ones Away’ Dayna and Chad Raymon rounds out the collection, leaving you wanting more.

This is a really fine debut record from a young singer/songwriter I’m sure you will hear a lot of in the future.

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