Ron Korb Asia Beauty

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Submitted by Don Graham

Canadian flutist Ron Korb has travelled around the world collecting bamboo and various ethnic indigenous flutes. Reflecting Celtic, Asian, classical, jazz and Latin influences, his music embodies the diverse cultures, traditions and experiences of his travels.

Korb has kept his reputation as the master of Asian flutes in good standing with his latest effort “Asia Beauty”.  This new offering is confirmation on every level, beginning with the packaging, a digi-book CD cover filled  with incredible photography and  stunning music to soothe and seduce the spirit.

The album contains nineteen tracks and three bonus tracks, about  twenty  performers, and an array of different  of instruments flutes, erhu, guqin, guzheng, harp, piano, violin, African kalimba, drums and accordion.

“Asia Beauty” starts with the alluring Hanoi Café, which alerts the listener into knowing that this album will provide an interesting and moving journey.

The following tracks 2 right through to 8 are based on Korb’s own Jade Dragon Flute and The House of Five Beauties tales with The Journey Begins starting things off featuring a duet with Korb on flute and long-time friend and collaborator Donald Quan on piano introducing us to the House of Five Beauties.

The story moves along with Forbidden Love featuring beautiful  strings and then onto the whimsical Children’s Jig. Korb’s Celtic inclinations show up on a track filled with anassortment of instruments including  Donald Quan on tabla, spoons by Chris Donelly, Wendy Zhao on pipa, Lin Xiaoqiu plays erhu and percussionist Larry Crowe manages to squeeze in cajon box drum, djembe, darbuka, bells and shakers.  Bill Evans plays piano, Steve Lucas, acoustic bass, and Aidan Mason, guitar, with Korb on flute, whistle and dizi.   A lot of talented musicians on this record.

The House of Five Beauties is a standout track featuring the guqin,  an ancient seven string zither and the fusion of  Chinese instruments with cello, guitar and bass. There are outstanding pieces on this CD including   Two Mountains featuring  Korb on bawu, a folk instrument hailing from the Yunan province, Zhao playing the  pipa, Laila Biali playing  piano and Steve Lucas on bass.

Asia Beauty is a multi layered ride of music and emotion and a chance to hear instruments you don’t normally hear played by masters.

This album will take you to places you’ll want to revisit and you can simply by playing it again and again.

Bravo Ron Korb.

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