Leeroy Stagger Dream It All Away

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Submitted by Don Graham

A little Steve Earle, a little John Prine, a little Bruce Springsteen and whole lot of his own heart and soul make up Canadian alt/country/folk/rock minstrel Leeroy Stagger’s music.

His new album, Dream It All Away, on Rebeltone Records, is an up close and personal look at the struggles, triumphs and soul of Leeroy Stagger. The 10 song CD, his 10th in a 12 year career, is the best work Stagger has done to date and he has an extensive body of work to compare it to.

In Leeroy’s words “The birth of my son unexpectedly dredged up childhood stuff I hadn’t dealt with. I was in the middle of a record deal that was supposed to be a dream come true but wasn’t. I started to dismantle my music career. I fell down the rabbit hole into a major depression. When I started to come out of my fog I found my story; faith and struggle, birth and rebirth, love and darkness. And the result is this album, “Dream It All Away.”

The album was produced by Russell Broom in Calgary and Lethbridge, and features drummer Pat Seward who has worked with Bryan Adams and Odds and bassist Mike Lent who has backed up k.d.lang and Jann Arden.

The opening tune, Something Beautiful, shows Stagger’s raw rocking side while Living In America shows the depth of his social awareness. The song was written while on a plane coming back from Chicago after sold out shows opening for Steve Earle. Leeroy encountered a homeless girl living in the airport. “She was there when I arrived and there when I left, bumming change in the coffee shop. “The polar extreme of this woman and her plight and someone sitting in the living room of his third home, watching his 100” flat screen television prompted Leeroy to put pen to paper.

There is something on this album for everyone, the rough,gruff hard edged rock lovers and the poignant ballad fans.

The good news is your chances of seeing the Alberta resident live are good. He is a certified road warrior who tours constantly. But if you can’t catch him live, get a hold of “Dream It All Away” and take a trip through Leeroy Stagger’s world; the ups, the downs and the ultimate triumphs.

Good work Leeroy. By the way in the old days of phone books your name would be listed as Stagger Lee Roy.