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Dave Woods is one of the best friends a Canadian country artist can ask for with his ‘In The Country’ online radio show providing a platform for up and coming artists, established artists and legacy artists who paved the road for the ones that followed. After six plus years of being a bona fide country music booster on radio, Dave has decided to up his game and take the concept to the next level.

“I am really pleased and proud of what we have done with the ‘In The Country’ online radio show but it occurred to me that because of the visual world we live in why not make this a video/audio show? I thought I could do the interview part like I’ve been doing, only face to face, and instead of playing the artist’s records I could have them playing a couple of songs live, on a small stage. What a great concept and if a video is essential to having a hit record it would make perfect sense that a video version of ‘In The Country’ would be a great vehicle,” Dave continued “I wasn’t sure where to film it, I had some ideas of different bars with stages and lights but there were logistical problems. Hours of operation, staging, lighting to name a few. Shooting!Shooting!"Then in May I was invited to a show at Musideum on Richmond Street in downtown Toronto. A frequent guest of my radio show, singer/songwriter Don Graham was doing a concert there and invited me to attend. Once I saw the set up I knew it would be perfect. The owner/operator Donald Quan and I worked out a schedule to use the venue for taping and I invited 6 artists to come in. I hired a video/audio crew and got to work."

The result should be available online in August.The artists that will be featured to begin with are Country Music's Original Pin-Up Girl, Heather Ballentine, a super singer with a great visual presence. Stacey Lee, lead singer of The Western Swing Authority, Aliessa Cohle, an up and coming singer/songwriter, Elyse Saunders, a talented beautiful singer/songwriter, the consummate showman and super talented singer/songwriter Marshall Dane and veteran singer/songwriter and baritone/balladeer Don Graham. I got to sit down with each artist for an up close and personal one on one interview and each one got on stage and did two songs each, solo and unplugged. The whole day felt right and the vibe and energy in the room was great. I couldn’t have been more pleased and I can’t wait for folks to see it.”

In the CountryIn the CountryDave Woods plan is to shop this show around and see if he can find anyone interested in airing it. This would include CMT and some internet stations that would interested in getting behind the show and making it a regular series. What a great opportunity to showcase an artist both with audio and visual.

Check it out online starting in August of 2015 at www.inthecountryinterviews.com