It’s Time for Marshall Dane


Submitted by Don Graham

Marshall Dane has been planning his work and working his plan with due diligence for the past several years and all the hard work is about to pay off.  He has fine tuned his repertoire, reputation and representation. “I try not to get too affected by what’s going around me in the music business, not really concerned by who’s doing what and how they’re doing it. I try to just keep my head down and plow ahead.”

And everything is lining up the way it should. After some trial and error and enlightening experiences M.D. is putting all the pieces together. He has surrounded himself with some awesome people, literally awesome people, signing with the newly formed Awesome Music as part of the team he has behind him now. The team of a joint-venture partnership between Nettwerk One Music, an up and coming Canadian Publishing company, newly formed Awesome Music and Dale Speaking, the stellar promotion company. The three independent companies have formed a partnership to sign artists and avidly promote the music of the talent they represent.  Marshall Dane is the first release by the newly formed alliance with “I’ll Be Your Whiskey.” Says Marshall, “I’m real excited with the support I have from this team of professionals. They have all the expertise and really believe in my talent. I couldn’t be happier or more optimistic about the future.”

Marshall was born in Southern Ontario, the son of preacher man, surrounded by music. His dad taught him to play Murray McLaughlin’s ‘The Farmer Song’ on the guitar and his mom played piano in the evenings. His first paying gig was as a solo act and he was richly compensated with $35 and a slice of cheesecake. “I was hooked after that, on the music, not the cheesecake.”

Marshall was a member of a few bands and in 2008 headed south to the Guitar Town to learn about writing country songs and get a taste of the business of country music.
Later on, he submitted a song to a songwriting competition, winning first prize, which was a chance to open for Canadian stars, Emerson Drive.

That appearance caught the attention of The Agency Group, who quickly had him opening for Alan Jackson in 2010, a tour in early 2011 and then a nomination to represent the New Artist Showcase at the 2011 CCMAs. Marshall has been working and touring constantly and this year is closing out with a whole bunch of exciting things to ensure that Marshall takes his rightful place in the Canadian country music landscape.

As I write this he is preparing for a tour of the Arctic and Greenland from August 9th through the 20th, The CNE in Toronto for 6 nights from August 21st through the 26th and an upcoming episode on Dave Wood’s In The Country show that is debuting this month as a video show. Marshall was one of six artists selected to be part of the inaugural episodes.

There are tour dates lined up and following that a return to Nashville to make another record. “I really got a good education in Nashville and met a lot of talented people that I’m still friends with. I love recording in Nashville. There’s a reason why Nashville has ‘a sound’…and there’s a reason you don’t get it anywhere else…but Nashville.”

So keep your eyes and ears open, it’s been a long time in the making but IT’S TIME FOR MARSHALL DANE.

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